The Man who Travels in Time

The story of John Titor could probably be like an episode from a popular nerdy sitcom from the US–where words like quantum physics and parallel universe are exploding like bombs every minute, and time travel is as normal as eating breakfast every single day. Hearing about John Titor, one cannot help to be mystified at who he is. His story is not entirely unique, although his became the most popular.
Who wouldn’t be interested? The man claims to be from the future, in 2036 to be exact. According to Titor, he was a soldier who tries to save the future destruction of earth by going in the past and try to get an IBM 5100. The computer allegedly, has the capacity to debug the future virus that wiped the world. John Titor also predicted a civil war in America, that would cause the country to break up into 5 smaller countries, and making Ohama,Nebraska its new capitol. In terms of worldly affairs, John Titor has foretold a World War III, where the Russians declared a Nuclear War against the Americans, thus destroying other countries, as well.
There are other interesting posts that made John Titor popular. He posted a six part description and schematics and pictures of his time machine, which was first installed in a Chevrolet Corvette car .He also, verified the truth of the Everett-Wheeler model of quantum physics, or the many-worlds theory, where parallel universe exists. According to his statement “ All possible quantum states, events, possibilities, and outcomes are real, eventual, and occurring. The chances of everything happening someplace at sometime in the superverse is 100%”.
But the real shocking revelation is his prophecy for discovery of CERN for a black hole. Although his given time frame was not true, recent events gave way for Titor’s predictions. A spoke person for CERN has confirmed that during the early stages of their experiment, a black hole has been produced, which was now quarantined and monitored by their scientists. Black Hole is an important part for John Titor’s travel in time for he uses it to jump from different universe.
His time machine has also been back engineered in the late 2004 and was patented by Marlin Pholman. Stephen Hawking has also studied this multiverse theory and supports John Titor on his claims. The world of science is clearly at the edge of transformation, if all of John Titor’s statement about time travel is true.
The big question now is, where is John Titor now? Did he really exist? Several people had devoted themselves in tracing who John Titor really is, but it seems that nobody has the answer. His allegations become legend and his story is almost forgotten, but every now and then, theories of John Titor come again to the surface. This waived some of John Titor’s believers; others suggested it was a big hoax. Truth or not, only time will tell.