9/11: Motives


For a circa of 40 years, the supersecret document Operation Northwoods, a report produced for a set of presentations by the United Sates’ Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962, remained confidential. It intended to create a pretense for an armed conflict in Cuba. Thus, such blitzes would then be used to acquire public and political backing, necessary for military interference. Moreover, the specifics are daunting, for articles inside the US military base would be blighted and burned. The record summarizes an intricate scheme for a fabricated attack on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, which was to sink the ship near the harbor using naphthalene induced flame and smoke. Moreover, bogus burial services can also be conducted.  Next, an aircraft of Eglin Air Force Base would be painted, redesigned and numbered identical to a civil registered aircraft boarded with chosen passengers, all loaded with carefully selected aliases.  Afterwards, the actual registered flying machine will be converted into a drone.

Furthermore, Uncle Sam’s army projected to attack the US in 1962 using remote controlled aerial machines to make an excuse in invading Cuba. Going back to 9/11, the pilot compartment of American Airlines Flight 77 Boeing 757-223 was never opened, there was a possibility that “They” were able to think about that plan in 2001.

Initially, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) is a public policy think tank, which was created in the year 1997 by William Kristol and Robert Kagan. Likewise, a few of its members are the all-powerful people in the Land of the Free.

Concurrently in September 2000, a study released by PNAC entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses Strategy: Forces and Resources for a New Century; the group was able to highlight transforming U.S. forces to take advantage of its leadership in global military affairs. In this part, it was able to cite proposed usage of advanced armed conflict such as nuclear weapons from an avenue of intimidation to a political instrument. In addition, PNAC’s paper work also noted that agitation could rise from American allies, in which they would be able to witness cataclysmal happenings like in the occurrence in Pearl Harbor. Meanwhile, War on Terror’s ground zero is to make abundant revenue and advance to the subsequent pandemic strife.

At the same time, the Taliban discovered American weaponry. Certain rebels are being held in custody, but several of them turn out to be MI5 agents. Unfortunately, an approximate of 30,000 US paratroopers are used to battle 100 alleged US trained “Al Qaeda” mercenaries and to add in such adversity, abounding Afghan opiates are on a steady rise. Apparently, deception prevails and soldiers are handed out with finances to maintain the silence. Lastly, these can of worms suggest that an armistice is far- fetched, for the Illuminati wants more hostility.


9/11: Men Involved


Before the incident, the subversive Islamic men went out on a happy hour, got intoxicated with liquor and in turn paid the bar with a lot of cash. Moreover, these men, who were enjoying their lives, were tagged as alleged masterminds for the Twin Tower Attacks. Considerably, as we shed light into this situation, versions of accounts were linked and perceived.

On September 11, 2001, Uncle Sam was attacked by 19 ostensible itular international anarchists and 8 of its members were known as the “Hamburg-based Cell”, a member of the Al Qaeda group. These 8 associates played a key role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks who were believed to have resided and received training in US military camps and flight schools. Furthermore, the important members were Mohamed Atta, who led the four teams, who were able to seize control of the aircraft and piloted American Airlines Flight 11Ramzi bin al-Shibh, who was in cahoots with other three members, but was unsuccessful to enter the United States; Marwan al-Shehhi, who flew United Airlines Flight 175; and Ziad Jarrah, who aviated United Airlines Flight 93. Other members, who became an accessory to the catastrophic plot, were Said BahajiZakariya EssabarMounir el-Motassadeq, and Abdelghani Mzoudi. Up to this day, the recorded names of the terrorists have not been revised and some of the incendiary are still at large.

On one hand, there are issues arising from various write ups that Osama Bin Laden’s CIA code name was Tim Osman, which leads us back to Zbigniew Brzezinski and former US President Carter, who both revolutionized the Mujahideen (Afghan Rebels) in the late 1970’s. Thus, giving rise to the present day Al Qaeda. Moreover, Pakistanis knew that the U.S. will never concede that indeed Bin Laden is a CIA asset.  In addition, assuming that Osama is still alive and such video recordings were released just in time of the terrorist havoc.

In connection, colleagues James R. Bath and Former President George W. Bush met during their time at the Texas Air National Guard, but both were dismissed for not showing up in a scheduled physical exam. In July 1976, James R. Bath was commissioned to entrust money from Salem Bin Laden, Osama’s brother. Incredibly, after the interaction Salem became a business partner to the man who heads the hunt for his younger brother. During that time, George Bush senior was the head officer of the CIA.

After three years, Salem’s front man James Bath purchased 25,000 shares in the Arbusto Energy Oil Company, owned by the younger George Bush. Presently, the Saudi Bin Laden group runs one of the biggest construction companies of the world in the House of Saud. In addition, the Saudis generate income by equipping oil to the Land of the Free by creating a fabricated demand for the oil, U.S. Dollar and war. Therefore, the Saud, Bush and Bin Laden firms are all connected, which is further evidenced by George H.W. Bush and Shafiq Bin Laden’s (Osama’s sibling) attendance in  the Carlyle Group conference in Washington Hotel on the morning of the 9/11 rebellious blitz.

The Bilderberg Group


Initially, The Bilderberg Group acquired its title from Oosterbeek, Holland Hotel’s “the Bilderberg”. Moreover, in the year 1954, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands founded such gathering wherein the most influential people of Europe assembled for the first time, where they debated for the imminent development of their country in which such traditions were depicted with the likes of the Knights Templars. However, at present, a wider scope of governing body was instituted. Thus, a global approach was constituted comprising of NATO countries and members of the CFR, which include the United States of America, Canada, Western Europe etc. Every year, these big wheels assemble in first-class hotels in Europe and in North America, where an approximate of one hundred opulent people unite to decide the future of the global politics.

Meanwhile, the associates and attainments of the Bilderberg Group are awe-inspiring. For, the world’s aristocratic class such as Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Angela Merkel, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Lloyd Blankfein, Donald Rumsfeld, Rupert Murdoch, state dignitaries, European royalty, selected fourth estate and other preferred officials are its listed affiliates. Furthermore, Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix, the sole proprietor of Royal Dutch Shell, symbolizes the female monarch’s authority in British Petrol. Likewise, during Bilderberg meetings, when Queen Beatrix and David Rockefeller convene, one can derive that these two tycoons are dominating and garnering the biggest slice of the world’s oil supply. Flash back, to 2008 the rise in oil cost and assets were projected occurrences during the 2006 Bilderberg conference, according to some undubbed sources.

Evidently, leaked documents from the Bilderberg convention dated, September 23-25, 1955 at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl, Garmisch- Partenkirchen, West Germany, revealed that the Bilderberg Group conceptualized the European Union. This disclosure was made in 2003 by the BBC investigative crew.

The United Nations


The United Nations also known as the UN is a group made to look after the world’s international security, social advancement, human and civil rights and democracy in order to attain a long lasting worldwide amity.  However, it was a second coordinated effort in order to attain one world governance, which was presented as a resolution to future fracas like the World War II. In order to hold back the pivotal withdrawal of the United States of America , John D. Rockefeller donated a piece of land to the UN located in the US.

Moreover, the CFR through its authority in the American communications paved the way for the Land of the Free to accept the burgeoning role of the UN as a catalyst for a world government.

Disney’s Alleged Sorcery Propaganda

ImageIn 2004, Disney released a published document originally made in Italy, for preadult girls entitled W.I.T.C.H, which built up the girls’ interest in spell-casting and witchcraft. Moreover, this type of business venture added to the pre-existing criticisms for Disney being antagonistic in promoting family values.

 The books were about five girls at the age of 13 to 14 years old, but were considered to be mystical than an average teenager. Additionally, the name W.I.T.C.H is an acronym composed of the first letters of its 5 members, who were “ordinary friends with an extraordinary secret.”They were the following: Cornelia controlled the earth, Taranee over fire, Hay Lin for air, Irma took charge of the elemental water and Will, the leader of W.I.T.C.H, who animated machineries and as well as giving them human like signature personalities.

Since W.I.T.C.H was first launched in 2001, the printed merchandise received an overwhelming response, stated by Robert Iger, President and COO of the Walt Disney Company. Furthermore, the series, which is composed of 9 installments, was dubbed as the “fastest growing girls’ comic magazine”, published in monthly intervals in over 64 outlets and translated in over 27 languages.

A site, ac18.org, claimed that these books will eventually lead to the occult practices for some adolescents, because Lucifer only wanted a person’s life to be surrounded with things that can divert one’s attention to fulfill God’s works. Moreover, he fills the world with dreams and illusions that can only deceive humanity.

On the Disney W.I.T.C.H site, each of the five leading characters has a specific page with detailed information about them. Among others, the website also contains astrological signs corresponding to a person’s birth sign.

Ultimately, Disney garnered 50 fan sites in response to the W.I.T.C.H craze and consumer-products were tailored to fit the tweens demanding for more W.I.T.C.H.

World War II and Hitler


Adolph Hitler was the ticket to “save” Germany from the Treaty of Versailles. However, he was used as a means for a false flag attack in order to take control of the Reichstag, a German parliament in 1933. Moreover, Hitler and his team were able to come up with a con named Marinus van der Lubbe,  a mentally ill randomly chosen man from the streets, who was made as an actor to participate in a make believe trial due to the accusation of setting fire to the parliament.  However, Hitler the “deliverer” of Germany instructed his followers to start a blaze in the legislature.

Apparently, Hitler’s Nazi war machines never ran out of petroleum, because of Rockefeller’s New Jersey Standard Oil which became a source for the German fuel.  In this we can say, that the engineered war vehicles were built and financed by the tycoons of Wall Street, which took advantage of the Treaty of Versailles in order to place Germany in the state of bankruptcy. Moreover, after 5 years, the Dawes blueprint, paved the way for an American and German linkage in corporations and finance.

Seemingly, Prescott Bush was one of the Nazi machine financers, a father and grandfather to two US Presidents in the Bush family. Furthermore, US National Archival documents revealed that the former was the administrator of the Union Bank Corporation, one of the financial firms utilized by Fritz Thyssen to deliver assets from America to Germany. Moreover, Prescott’s profits in the Union Banking Corporation were confiscated under the 1942 Enemy Act. To boot, the Bush family were able to benefit from offering a loan to an enemy responsible to destroy 400,000 American soldiers.

The beliefs of the Communists and Nazis were made to contradict by the Illuminati patrons in a logical struggle. Additionally, philosophies were defective and are employed to produce the same effect. Moreover, the Illuminists chose to throw out the Nazis in order to conserve Communism. Then, Hitler began to print money, just like the Federal Reserve.

Uncle Sam entered World War II based on the Pearl Harbor aggression, which was allowed to transpire. The Japanese war plan was intercepted and sent to President Roosevelt, but he chose not to disseminate the information to Pearl Harbor. With this in mind, the US had a perfect excuse to attack the German forces, despite the fact that Germany never charged America.

The Japanese government, were ready to cease fire in February 1945. However, two nuclear bombs were released in Japan after a day of surrendering to the US forces.

The complexity of World War II was able to achieve numerous plans for the Illuminati money lenders. Revenue was produced by repairing Japan and providing jobs to its citizens, thus allowed an influx of cut-rate goods in the US.

This would expedite the long term goal of bringing down the United States just as the Republic of China is utilized to accomplish the work today.

The socialist government was granted to take over 50% of Europe in order to keep America and the Soviet Union in a new logical struggle, thus paving the way for increased profits. Furthermore, the Second World War led to the creation of the United Nations and the nation of the present-day Israel.

More importantly, World War II was composed of players strongly tied to the occult. First, was Adolf Hitler, who was into black arts and became a member of the mysterious Thule Society. In addition, Hitler cited in his book entitled, Mein Kampf  that  most of  the Nazi party ceremonies were rooted from Freemasonry. Second, Dietrich Eckart, led to the occult ideology of the Nazi philosophy.Third,  Joseph Stalin was a deeply involved Freemason.  Fourth, Franklin Roosevelt, the President of the United States was a 32nd degree Mason. Fifth, Winston Churchill was an affiliate of two Masonic groups.

Lastly, the picture of the 1945 Yalta conference revealed three Freemasons namely: Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.

Genetically Modified CORN: A New “Image” to the Filipino Staple Food


Philippines- Local groups in Central Visayas were alarmed that the white corn, a basic bite for Filipinos is now cross-bred with the common corn harvest thereby producing Bt Corn. This was due to the fact that the Philippine government would have wanted to address the complication related to starvation through the use of GMOs. Unfortunately, this food phenomenon was already approved by the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines.

Moreover, an agriculture and food assembly hosted in Cebu City by the Bureau of Plant and Industry and GMO advocates focused on the benefits of genetically modified products. Furthermore, the symposium was graced by attendees from Negros Island Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Foundation, the Institute for Strategic Research and Development Studies of the Visayas State University, Bohol Initiators for Sustainable Agriculture and Development, Inc., the Muslim Mindanao Halal Certification Board, Inc., Greenpeace Southeast Asia, the Social Action Center, the Diocese of Marbel, South Cotabato and Pagtambayoyong Foundation.

Apparently, Bohol croppers voiced out their apprehensions about soil spoliation caused by the Bt corn, because it contains a biocide as a component. On contrary, this type of product has been banned in other political territories due to its adverse effects.

A well-documented study demonstrated that the detrimental impacts of the Bt corn GMO on the environment include evolution of advanced weeds tolerant to weedkillers and pests that could withstand its toxoids. Additionally, once a GMO crop is planted in an open field, its capability to hybridize with other natural growing crops cannot be restrained even by men or machines.  As of the moment, there is no available monitoring device to keep a register of cross-contamination in planted crops.

On one hand, the Greenpeace, a non-governmental global organization which works for the care of endangered flora and fauna, cited a document by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization; revealed that there is 5.4% increase in the number of starving Filipinos compared to the last 10 years.  In comparison to Thailand, wherein they utilized strict agrarian reforms, the total number of its famished citizens nose-dived to 79.8%