The United Nations


The United Nations also known as the UN is a group made to look after the world’s international security, social advancement, human and civil rights and democracy in order to attain a long lasting worldwide amity.  However, it was a second coordinated effort in order to attain one world governance, which was presented as a resolution to future fracas like the World War II. In order to hold back the pivotal withdrawal of the United States of America , John D. Rockefeller donated a piece of land to the UN located in the US.

Moreover, the CFR through its authority in the American communications paved the way for the Land of the Free to accept the burgeoning role of the UN as a catalyst for a world government.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)


The advancements of the industrial revolution opened its doors to three uniquely connected entrepreneurs in America. They were Andrew Carnegie for steel business, Henry Ford for automobiles and John D. Rockefeller an oil magnate. Moreover, alleged news came out that CFR stands for Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller. Furthermore, the triad was able to share their financial holdings in New York City on July 1921.

The CFR logo portrays a man riding on a white horse doing a signature Masonic salute and the inscribed Latin word on the bottom means “everywhere”. In connection to this the New York CFR and London’s Royal Institute are known allies of the Round Table Groups. Also, we can derive that the same banking professionals, who were responsible for establishing the Federal Reserve in 1913 were the ones who funded the Council on Foreign Relations through tax exempted organizations. Evidently, the purpose of the Royal Institute and the CFR is to promote a totalitarian government, which was further intensified by James Warburg, a banking tycoon and CFR member that a one government must be achieved by force or through “peaceful” agreements.

Unfortunately, the CFR dictates a carefully written script to the media as it presents news to the world.