The Truth and Lies of the American Intelligence Agency

While the normal citizens of America were struggling for a better future, it’s government were using their own people as human guinea pigs for their unethical experiments, to benefit a few elites in the future. The main aim of these projects is mind control thru the use of radiation or drugs. It may not seem evident at first, but a chronological timeline of these experiments could make one see the sense of it.

From 1931, radiation has been used to test it’s effect upon humans.  The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations had surreptitiously injected cancer virus among its patients, some of them were American soldiers and civilians. It was done by Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, who began a series of radiation exposure of the said subjects. In next year, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study debuted, where 200 infected Afro-American were denied of treatment just to observe the development of the disease. Viral infections were studied and observed for a few more years until 1943, where US started its research on biological weapons. Then came WWII that led to the discovery of “death ray” by Japanese scientists. It used short radio waves that when focused, becomes a “ray” or high powered beam. It was also this time that Project Paperclip was started. The U.S saw the potential use for these German scientists and offered the latter new identities and immunity, in exchange for their knowledge on Nazi technologies.

When 1950’s came, the CIA entered the world of mind control. To cover up the truth, the agency has made propaganda about how the studies of the Communist can re-shape human will. In response to this, the CIA must “catch-up” with the Soviet and Chinese works. The laborious work was called “Project Bluebird”.  What’s interesting about this “project” was how it was associated with UFO abductions in the later years. It was believed that the “aliens” were not really entities of other dimensions, but a group of people ( a group of nine, perhaps?) who used mind control by altering a persons’ state of consciousness.

Two years later, MK-ULTRA of the CIA was started. The project was about altering a persons’ behavior by making the subject more suggestible. It included brain implants, drugs, and religious cults. Hypnosis, conditioning and ESP were also studied under this project. It was L. Ron Hubbard who first exposed the use of “pain-drug-hypnosis” system of the CIA. He was proven correct after the Freedom of Information Act was released. Investigators found out the inhumane experiments done on human subjects. It combined mind-bending drugs with electric shock that has caused deaths to many subjects.

More and more experiments were done to improve and test previous studies. Like the 1970’s experiment of the Fredrick Cancer Research Facility. Its’ virus department had purposely developed cancer-causing virus, with the U.S Navy’s supervision. It also sorted out a virus where nothing and no one is immune and called it HTLV, or Human T-cell Leukemia Virus.

And during the 1990’s, latest researches about how low frequencies, white noise and blinking lights (strobe lights) can affect brain signals and make a subject more susceptible to suggestion. The perfect example was the Waco Incident. All of these were just plain studies that have a deeper meaning. The idea that every American is not safe in his own country is very scary, that’s why intelligent agencies were trying their best to cover up all the conspiracies that exists.