Forever 27


ImageThe Forever 27 or 27 Club is a cognomen associated to influential musicians, who passed away at the age of 27 years old. Even though there were a lot of artists in the above-mentioned group, the most famous were Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison. Most of the affiliates were “induced” to have a disturbed persona, which caused their untimely death surrounded by conundrum. Moreover, such casualties led to unexplained and odd scenarios. There were no autopsies, exact causes of death and ambiguous police documentations seem to make a cycle of events in these big-shot cases. This caused people to speculate and come up with alternative explanations involving homicide.

Apparently, Amy Winehouse, named as Brit Award’s 2007 Best Female British Artist was a new addition to the list in July 23, 2011.  Though one might altercate that she had a distinct music style as compared to Hendrix’s and the others’ iconic and rebellious sound, Winehouse exhibited an affinity to them: abundant alcohol and narcotic usage, trauma in relationships, a chance for depression and lastly, a Gordian knot coupled with a series of ignored questions.

Strangely, a grisly account happened on a Friday, a day before Amy died. One of her neighbors heard screaming, howling and drum beats in the Winehouse residence.  The man, who preferred to be unnamed, claimed that he heard the strange noises around 2:00 AM and for him it seemed to be like some weird sexual ritual. Furthermore, Winehouse was a bit low-profile, so when the man heard these atypical cacophonies, he analyzed that it was so conflicting to her personality.

On one hand, it is difficult to trace the real basis for Winehouse’ s death, but her case was not entirely rare. There was an obvious pattern, when we examined the unfortunate deaths of young artists and a missing piece is always present. Furthermore, alleged information of a “Monarch Mind Control” in the person of a “handler” may be present in her entourage which may influence self destructive urges.

Moreover, the press often overstates the artist’s dilemma and represents them as disturbed figures of narcotic obsession. Additionally, when death steps on, people will either become shocked or not-so-surprised, because drugs and alcohol were the usual tools of an artists’ annihilation and the absolute scapegoat to make one say it’s definitely a “wrap”.