The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

monarch butterflyThere are several dangers to the humanity, some real and a few imagined. I think that the trauma-based mind management that this blog exposes is that the greatest danger to the humanity. It offers evil men the facility to hold out any evil deed all undiscovered. By the time the smart reader finishes this blog, they’re going to be as acquainted
with the way to do trauma-based mind-control as a number of the programmers. Ancient and newer secrets cannot be
Over the years, I actually have spent thousands of hours finding out the Illuminati, the Intelligence agencies of the planet, and therefore the occult world generally. The centerpiece of those organizations is that the trauma-based mind management that they do. While not the power to carry out this refined sort of mind-control victimisation MPD, drugs, mental state and physical science and different management methodologies, these organizations would fail to stay their dark evil deeds secret.
When one in every of the mind-control programmers of the Church of Scientology, who has left Scientology, was asked concerning MPD, he said, “It’s the name of the sport of mind management.” Analysis into this subject can never be complete. This blog has tried to convey a comprehensive read of however the programming is finished. The basic
techniques were developed in German, Scottish, Italian, and English Illuminati families and are in hot water centuries. Some report that a number of the techniques return to ancient Egypt and ancient metropolis to the traditional mystery religions. The Nazis are known to own studied ancient Egyptian texts in their mind management research. The records and secrets of the people Illuminati bloodlines ar very-well guarded secrets.