The Montauk Project

Mind control, weather controlling systems, and stealth technologies–these are just some terms that one would encounter when reading about the oh-so-famous “Montauk Project”. Although there are a few hard evidences about the “project” researches, more and more American citizens believe that these said facts are true and existing.

The Project began during the Second World War, where the U.S. Navy just wanted to have an invisible ship that is undetectable by any RADAR. It was called “Project Rainbow”.  It was made possible, with the help of Dr. Von Neumann and Dr. Tesla. A series of coils and transmitters were embedded in the ship and in the 1940s, a switch was flipped, and the U.S.S. ELRIDGE mysteriously vanished in the middle of the sea, along with its crew. The stealth was done alright, but the effects on its crew were devastating. It was then left alone, until another project adopted “Project Rainbow” .

Preston Nichols was just another ordinary employee, who was working to disprove the existence of mental telepathy. He discovered that telepathy works just like radio waves, but telepathic wave properties are different. He was working with psychic people, when he noticed that his subjects were always distracted or “jammed” for a few hours, all at the exact time. He found this curious and began looking for the source of this distracting wave. His research led him to a government facility in Montauk, where a Sage Radar was installed. By that time, he was powerless over the research facility and decided to stop poking around. During this time, Duncan Cameron introduced himself to Nichols. He was interested in what Nichols was doing. The latter accepted the comradery, although he was suspicious of his visitor. What happened to Cameron was not what Nichols was expecting. Cameron, after some regression and therapy, has unlocked his key memory and told Nichols that he was sent by the government to kill him and destroy his laboratory. Cameron was as stunned as Nichols was, and swore the former’s loyalty to Nichols.

Later on, both of these men discovered that they were a part of a secret project, known as “Project Moonbeam”, and that they have secret or “alternate lives” that they are not aware of. Nichols, was in fact, a man who came from the 1940s, from the exact U.S.S. ELRIDGE navy ship. It seemed that further experimentation on the ships’ equipment has successfully bended time and ripped a whole between space and time. Duncan, meanwhile, was the subject of a mind controlling technology perfected by the U.S. Army.  The common denominator–all said experiments were done in the Montauk Airbase and Ridge. What’s ironic was that there were no paper trails or any proof that Project Montauk has received any funding from the government.

Still, the fight of Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols is far from over. Both men are now giving conferences about their experience and hoping that more Americans will open their eyes to various dangers that their own government has designed.