What is ObamaCare and What Does it Mean to American Health Care?

U.S President Barack Obama (Google Image)

U.S President Barack Obama (Google Image)

Are you familiar with ObamaCare? What exactly is ObamaCare or The Health Care for America Plan? And what it can do help improve the lives of American?

ObamaCare is actually a national health care system meant on reforming American health care system. It focuses on regulating health insurances and lowering the expenses of health care. ObamaCare doesn’t replace private Medicare, insurance, or Medicaid.

ObamaCare was successfully made to a law on March 23, 2010. It was the an unofficial name for The Pateint Protection and Affordable Care Act that refers to the present health care reform under the administration of president Obama.
Since Barack Obama was elected as U.S President, his administration has been working on reforming the health care plan for Americans and give them great benefits of this new health care law.

The few facts that you need to know about the new ObamaCare.

• The Health Care Act was created in reforming the insurance industry as well as the health care industry in cutting health care costs and give affordable health insurances to every American.
• ObamaCare offers seniors’ access to cheaper drugs.
• Every American has the choice to stay with their present health care plans. No one, together with seniors, will be obliged not to have health care. That’s an ObamaCare fact.
• This health care law allows Americans to have their own health insurance especially those who currently can’t afford to have one.

The “ObamaCare” Bill is now a law that gives ten millions of American proper health care insurances and coverage. Without this reform of American Health care a lot of people will suffer from a health care system controlled by selfish private companies that only prioritize money and not the health of the people. In spite of all the benefits that this ObamaCare law offers there are some people that wants to cancel the ObamaCare law.