Secret Societies Merged: The Mafia and the Illuminati

ImageAfter Weishaupt’s death, Giuseppe Mazzini an Italian loyalist became the leader of the Illuminati in 1834. Moreover, Giuseppe was able to attain a 33rd ranking of a Mason while in school at Genoa University. Furthermore, Mazzini formed a feared group called the MAFIA meaning “Mazzini Autofizza Furti, Incendi, and Avvelengmeni”  in Italian or “Mazzini authorizes thefts, fires, and poisonings” in the English language.  In addition, the 1890’s started the influx of Italian immigrants, which paved the way for the merged practices of the US Illuminati   and Mafia. In connection to the American Civil War, the feud was all about who will gain absolute control of the monetary supply in the US and issues on human labor only became a secondary priority of this warfare.


Hidden Diabolic Hymns and in Print


Initially, archival accounts showed that the forefather of produced and recorded sound was the phonograph also known as the record player or gramophone. Moreover, such breakthrough was the brainchild of Thomas Edison in the year 1877 yet in 1878; Edison realized that songs played astern had a contemporary and euphonic appeal and this can be achieved by simply placing the phonograph needle on the record and simultaneously spinning it counter clockwise. Furthermore, the 1950s marked a renowned musical development, which signified milestones like the experimental Musique concrète (concrete music) composed of arranged manipulated pre recorded or generated sound, thus, giving way to the bulky audio-cassette recorders with a size of a typewriter. However, Mohawk created the Midget Recorder, otherwise known as “The World’s First Battery-Operated Pocket Tape Recorder”.

Through time, backmasking became a prevailing style in embedding hidden messages, diabolic information, censor obscene language and engage masses in jocular acts. An example of which was the Beatles’ song Revolution 9 wherein the song played backwards revealed a line about Paul McCartney’s alleged death. Next, Led Zeppelin’s infernal dictations were found hidden in his songs as it was played backwards, which was jointly investigated by the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Third, today’s generation also had a fair share of backmasking artists in an instance Britney Spears’ 2011 song “Till the World Ends” back masked an explicit word for it to be applicable to targeted listeners. Fourth, comedic rearward lyrics were used by the Napoleon XIV in their 1966 single “They’re Coming to Take Me Away Ha-haa!” Nevertheless, breaking the news in the roaring 70s, the British- Australian Hard Rock band , AC/DC admitted upfront to their fanatics that they found fame in Satan and wanted to drag along their listeners with them to eternal damnation.

Furthermore, in order to answer queries of the general public, Greenwald studied the effects of the backmasking phenomenon and criteria was based on whether the backward recorded music will have an influence on the listener and if  it is only based on the subject’s coherence and not through the message itself.  Two groups were able to participate in this study, 34 psychology students and 31 from cognitive class psychology students. At the end, results were able to suggest that although their judgments differ, the dubious effects do not make it genuine.

On one hand, according to Key’s research, subliminal messages are also common in media advertising, for most of the advertiser’s way of drawing attention is through the use of sexual imagery, which takes advantage of the public’s obsession in sex. Thus, using stimulating images such as a naked woman in the Playboy magazine will excite a man’s senses, increasing memory recall.  Another case scenario was a pictorial ad of a liquor brand, stating U BUY, which is spelled backwards. However, aside from that the words “extra special” were also written on the label, which may have promoted the inverted spelling of the words “U BUY”.



Rock-n-Roll Oddity: Detrimental or Tolerable?





According to Duane Miller, the modern day, non-Christian centered Rock-n-Roll has conquered the music industry. However, this phenomenon has been my utmost concern for decades as Christians listening to these heavy metal songs experience a battleground in their hearts and imaginations. These two avenues where described by our God as the places where to write His adage, which will make us enlightened. Thus, consciously identifying humanly malevolent acts, this in return can save us from abomination.

According to the Bible in the book of Romans, the old or the carnal man possesses 37 qualities that can contribute to man’s downfall. Furthermore, it is summarized into 6 major groups of unbelievers namely the promiscuous, covetous, pagans, railers, drunkards and freeloaders. Evidently, these features show a human being’s former self. However, our spirit is in constant battle with earthly enticement versus the salvation of our Lord. Moreover, corporeal temptation and Lucifer will always lure us to satisfy lust and eventually diminish our faith.

Evidently, Rock music is in its mainstream from the late 1980s up to the present. Moreover, Korn, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson were uniquely rancorous secular rock artists, depicting such ordeals in their musical lyrics and beat. In addition, their signature resentful musical scores contained stories about lust, sex and distaste for Christianity. Indubitably, music has an empowering effect in us, which therefore raises our emotional vulnerability. So, if such corrupt melodies are aired, people will feel troubled and ill-tempered. In contrast, when calm hymns are heard the listener will directly relate to the said tone and eventually feel inner peace.

Nowadays, majority believe that there is no general standard for what is right and wrong, which is illustrated in the songs of the mentioned Rock-n-Roll groups. Nevertheless, the Lord finds ways to guide us into the righteous path and that is through the confession of faith to Yeshua (Jesus), avoidance of our loathsome tune selections and renunciation of the evil forces through Jesus’ name.

Lady Gaga an Illuminati Artist

Have you ever wondered how can a person become so popular all over the world in just a short time? Like Lady Gaga, she became an instant superstar  and have more than 8 million following her and listens to her unusual lyrics in her songs. But did you that Lady Gaga became this famous because she’s an Illuminati puppet and she’s using her songs to spread the words of Satan. Illuminati artists or musicians have sold their souls to the devil to get what they want.

Lady Gaga uses her songs and music video in spreading Satanic words. Just like her Pokerface song, a line says “I want to take a ride on your disco Stick” which means penis. People need to wake up and realize that Lady Gaga is a Satan follower and that parents need to warn their children not to listen to any Lady Gaga’s songs.

Lady Gaga also promotes Satan’s words and signs in her music videos.  She also does her trademark sign “Eye in the triangle” which means that the Illuminati owns her and the devil is with her. In her Bad Romance video you can see an inverted pentagram and inverted pentagram that means Satanic.

She also wears Satanic symbols and devil horns which shows that she loves Satan and she wants to look like him.

Lady Gaga in addition always likes to do “one eye of Horus poses”   which means evil eye or Lucifer (king of hell). For some they consider that as a fashion statement or a cool thing to do but the real things is its evil ways. In some of her photos Lady Gaga covers her one eye to honor Lucifer. Sometime she has lighting bolt sign in her one eye which also means Satanic.

Lady  Gaga always shows and promote Satan in all her ways, in her songs, music videos, the way she dress and her actions. Everyone should stop admiring and listening to her because she’s a devil’s follower.