The Cause of Illness and Lower I.Q.: Your Drinking Water


The legislatures of the planet and the American Dental Association (ADA) have made an incredible showing persuading people in general that fluoride in the water is great and essential for teeth – particularly kids’ teeth. Be that as it may, various studies show this compound repercussion is waste material and unquestionably causes ailments and brings down I.Q. Kids are especially helpless.

Fluoride has been grouped as a medication and is the main pill added to the water supply. This extremely damages educated agree, the right to take or not take a medication and positively the right not to be constrained to take one or be insensible of it.

It has been noted that the benefit rationale mediated in recognizing what to do with all the harmful waste from such things as glass preparation, phosphate manure and others. So the shining thought came up to make a story that fluoride was useful for teeth along these lines it was then added to the water supply. Notwithstanding, 75 percent of the nation adds fluoride to water and toothpaste, making numerous sorts of harm. Be that as it may that is not how it really started.

Mr. Charles Perkins, a scientific expert, composed a book called The Truth About Water Fluoridation. He states that Hitler and the Nazis concocted an arrangement to control the populace by making them accommodating, open and additionally cause sterility. The expert plan turned into the utilization of drug as fluoride.

Later the Russian communists received this thought, feeling it might fit great their arrangements to rule the planet.

Columnist Christopher Bryson used ten years composition a book called The Flouride Deception. He tells the history of this risky sedate; after WW II, there was an administration battle which brought about adding it to toothpaste. Later, it was put into all the water supplies.

Here’s the correct birthplace in the U.S. as he uncovers it: the Manhattan Project in the 1940’s (making of the nuclear shell) required fluoride to transform plutonium and uranium for weapons. In any case, the fluoride was incredibly harming to the laborers in these plants and brought about numerous claims.

There was likewise harm in offices making fluoride in a certain part of New Jersey which made a cursing of products and disease.

In an exertion by the legislature to maintain a strategic distance from gigantic prosecution for such a lot of developing harm, they requested the advancement of fluoride as protected and viable for tooth rot with a specific end goal to smooth general society’s reasons for alarm. On the other hand, if more individuals know sodium fluoride is utilized to make rodent harm, they wouldn’t be so persuaded, right?

A study in the 1950s demonstrated amazing harm to lungs and lymph hubs in test creatures because of fluoride. In any case, the study was smothered.

Different studies show fluoride has no true profit in forestalling tooth rot. Truth be told, the majority of territory Europe does not fluoridate their water and their teeth are okay – or surprisingly better than Americans.

A percentage of the impacts of fluoridation are an increment in bone malignancy in young men since 90 percent of fluoride settles in the bones; it drains calcium and magnesium from the bones, making them get softer. It makes a compounding of Alzheimer’s or causes it, an expanded malignancy rate, coronary illness and a genuine issue with the thyroid.

Moreover, fluoride is in the water as well as in sustenance and solution prepared with fluoridated water.

Dr. Paul Connet, Director of the Fluoride Action Network, says there is a plain association between youngsters’ I.q and fluoride in the blood. More troubling, the fluoride levels in the zones of more level I.q were lower than the standard, worthy level. Further, fluoride is considerably more harmful than lead and a little less lethal than arsenic, so the threat is exacerbated. Indeed, at the more level fluoride level, a child gets 175 a bigger number of times fluoride than breastfed toddlers. Recognizing these brains are even now advancing, that is equitably risky.

The Institute of Environmental Health Sciences diary Environmental Health Perspectives demonstrates, for something like the 25th time now, that fluoride harms mind advancement and expedites fundamentally lower Iq levels in people.

The Ada endures in stating fluoride is sheltered and viable in anticipating tooth rot. Why is that? This is since provided that they don’t, they will say… oh no, we were wrong; fluoride is bad for you and will make you diseased. At the end of the day, they lose dependability.

The utilization and authorization of fluoride gives off an impression of being a considerable amount more vile than averting tooth rot – on which it has small if any effect..actually, it causes harm to the external layer of teeth.

There’s exceptional news – the Supreme Court of Israel has additionally chosen to boycott fluoride in their nation by one year from now, as per Natural News.

In the course of recent years, 19 nations have denied fluoride in there water supply. This nation is falling behind however, still, in the ballpark of 70 states have dismissed or stopped its utilization.

As a taking care of, certain water channels will evacuate fluoride, for example turn around osmosis, common spring water and refining. It might be exceptionally smart to make utilization of one of the aforementioned.

The confirmation is clear that the utilization of this waste material, fluoride, causes sickness and brings down I.Q. the point when utilized within water. Would you like me to get you a glass of water?


The Montauk Project

Mind control, weather controlling systems, and stealth technologies–these are just some terms that one would encounter when reading about the oh-so-famous “Montauk Project”. Although there are a few hard evidences about the “project” researches, more and more American citizens believe that these said facts are true and existing.

The Project began during the Second World War, where the U.S. Navy just wanted to have an invisible ship that is undetectable by any RADAR. It was called “Project Rainbow”.  It was made possible, with the help of Dr. Von Neumann and Dr. Tesla. A series of coils and transmitters were embedded in the ship and in the 1940s, a switch was flipped, and the U.S.S. ELRIDGE mysteriously vanished in the middle of the sea, along with its crew. The stealth was done alright, but the effects on its crew were devastating. It was then left alone, until another project adopted “Project Rainbow” .

Preston Nichols was just another ordinary employee, who was working to disprove the existence of mental telepathy. He discovered that telepathy works just like radio waves, but telepathic wave properties are different. He was working with psychic people, when he noticed that his subjects were always distracted or “jammed” for a few hours, all at the exact time. He found this curious and began looking for the source of this distracting wave. His research led him to a government facility in Montauk, where a Sage Radar was installed. By that time, he was powerless over the research facility and decided to stop poking around. During this time, Duncan Cameron introduced himself to Nichols. He was interested in what Nichols was doing. The latter accepted the comradery, although he was suspicious of his visitor. What happened to Cameron was not what Nichols was expecting. Cameron, after some regression and therapy, has unlocked his key memory and told Nichols that he was sent by the government to kill him and destroy his laboratory. Cameron was as stunned as Nichols was, and swore the former’s loyalty to Nichols.

Later on, both of these men discovered that they were a part of a secret project, known as “Project Moonbeam”, and that they have secret or “alternate lives” that they are not aware of. Nichols, was in fact, a man who came from the 1940s, from the exact U.S.S. ELRIDGE navy ship. It seemed that further experimentation on the ships’ equipment has successfully bended time and ripped a whole between space and time. Duncan, meanwhile, was the subject of a mind controlling technology perfected by the U.S. Army.  The common denominator–all said experiments were done in the Montauk Airbase and Ridge. What’s ironic was that there were no paper trails or any proof that Project Montauk has received any funding from the government.

Still, the fight of Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols is far from over. Both men are now giving conferences about their experience and hoping that more Americans will open their eyes to various dangers that their own government has designed.

The Man who Travels in Time

The story of John Titor could probably be like an episode from a popular nerdy sitcom from the US–where words like quantum physics and parallel universe are exploding like bombs every minute, and time travel is as normal as eating breakfast every single day. Hearing about John Titor, one cannot help to be mystified at who he is. His story is not entirely unique, although his became the most popular.
Who wouldn’t be interested? The man claims to be from the future, in 2036 to be exact. According to Titor, he was a soldier who tries to save the future destruction of earth by going in the past and try to get an IBM 5100. The computer allegedly, has the capacity to debug the future virus that wiped the world. John Titor also predicted a civil war in America, that would cause the country to break up into 5 smaller countries, and making Ohama,Nebraska its new capitol. In terms of worldly affairs, John Titor has foretold a World War III, where the Russians declared a Nuclear War against the Americans, thus destroying other countries, as well.
There are other interesting posts that made John Titor popular. He posted a six part description and schematics and pictures of his time machine, which was first installed in a Chevrolet Corvette car .He also, verified the truth of the Everett-Wheeler model of quantum physics, or the many-worlds theory, where parallel universe exists. According to his statement “ All possible quantum states, events, possibilities, and outcomes are real, eventual, and occurring. The chances of everything happening someplace at sometime in the superverse is 100%”.
But the real shocking revelation is his prophecy for discovery of CERN for a black hole. Although his given time frame was not true, recent events gave way for Titor’s predictions. A spoke person for CERN has confirmed that during the early stages of their experiment, a black hole has been produced, which was now quarantined and monitored by their scientists. Black Hole is an important part for John Titor’s travel in time for he uses it to jump from different universe.
His time machine has also been back engineered in the late 2004 and was patented by Marlin Pholman. Stephen Hawking has also studied this multiverse theory and supports John Titor on his claims. The world of science is clearly at the edge of transformation, if all of John Titor’s statement about time travel is true.
The big question now is, where is John Titor now? Did he really exist? Several people had devoted themselves in tracing who John Titor really is, but it seems that nobody has the answer. His allegations become legend and his story is almost forgotten, but every now and then, theories of John Titor come again to the surface. This waived some of John Titor’s believers; others suggested it was a big hoax. Truth or not, only time will tell.

The Truth and Lies of the American Intelligence Agency

While the normal citizens of America were struggling for a better future, it’s government were using their own people as human guinea pigs for their unethical experiments, to benefit a few elites in the future. The main aim of these projects is mind control thru the use of radiation or drugs. It may not seem evident at first, but a chronological timeline of these experiments could make one see the sense of it.

From 1931, radiation has been used to test it’s effect upon humans.  The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations had surreptitiously injected cancer virus among its patients, some of them were American soldiers and civilians. It was done by Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, who began a series of radiation exposure of the said subjects. In next year, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study debuted, where 200 infected Afro-American were denied of treatment just to observe the development of the disease. Viral infections were studied and observed for a few more years until 1943, where US started its research on biological weapons. Then came WWII that led to the discovery of “death ray” by Japanese scientists. It used short radio waves that when focused, becomes a “ray” or high powered beam. It was also this time that Project Paperclip was started. The U.S saw the potential use for these German scientists and offered the latter new identities and immunity, in exchange for their knowledge on Nazi technologies.

When 1950’s came, the CIA entered the world of mind control. To cover up the truth, the agency has made propaganda about how the studies of the Communist can re-shape human will. In response to this, the CIA must “catch-up” with the Soviet and Chinese works. The laborious work was called “Project Bluebird”.  What’s interesting about this “project” was how it was associated with UFO abductions in the later years. It was believed that the “aliens” were not really entities of other dimensions, but a group of people ( a group of nine, perhaps?) who used mind control by altering a persons’ state of consciousness.

Two years later, MK-ULTRA of the CIA was started. The project was about altering a persons’ behavior by making the subject more suggestible. It included brain implants, drugs, and religious cults. Hypnosis, conditioning and ESP were also studied under this project. It was L. Ron Hubbard who first exposed the use of “pain-drug-hypnosis” system of the CIA. He was proven correct after the Freedom of Information Act was released. Investigators found out the inhumane experiments done on human subjects. It combined mind-bending drugs with electric shock that has caused deaths to many subjects.

More and more experiments were done to improve and test previous studies. Like the 1970’s experiment of the Fredrick Cancer Research Facility. Its’ virus department had purposely developed cancer-causing virus, with the U.S Navy’s supervision. It also sorted out a virus where nothing and no one is immune and called it HTLV, or Human T-cell Leukemia Virus.

And during the 1990’s, latest researches about how low frequencies, white noise and blinking lights (strobe lights) can affect brain signals and make a subject more susceptible to suggestion. The perfect example was the Waco Incident. All of these were just plain studies that have a deeper meaning. The idea that every American is not safe in his own country is very scary, that’s why intelligent agencies were trying their best to cover up all the conspiracies that exists.

To Rain or Not To Rain

Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and even heavy rains or drought has been experienced everywhere in the world. We might all remember hurricane Katrina, in the US, that left that part of America devastated. Everyone has argued that the event was due to “climate change” that the world needs to do something to prevent the “holes” in the ozone layer to become bigger and create more catastrophic events in the future.

America, as one of the leading countries in the world, has offered to make a move. Some think it was heroic, others think it was all an act- for they were the ones responsible for creating a hole in the atmosphere in the first place.

Ever seen an action film that has a terrorist plotting for world domination by controlling the weather? Well, this is not a fiction anymore, for there are now facts and projects that might prove correct to this idea.

After NASA has been founded, several projects like Project Argus and Project Starfish, were designed to test Earth’s ionosphere. These were steps that took time in setting the “weather modification Technology” in place. The former was done on1958 in between the month of August and September. It aimed to test the Van Allen Belt and how it could affect radio transmission. But in truth, Project Argus had created a new belt of “telecommunication shield”, injecting a lot of electrons into the ionosphere that was felt worldwide. The later, however, was much bolder. It has tested a stronger nuclear bomb that left the lower Van Allen Belt  locally destroyed, and in a higher state of electron flux. It was said that it would take years before the Van Allen Belt return to its original state.

How would these encompass the Weather Modification Technology (WTO)?

Dr.Bernard Eastlund had created a pattern and a device that can alter the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere by charging up its electron frequency. If this apparatus, that releases concentrated microwave energy, is directed to the Van Allen Belt, then the molecules gets excited and this can be absorbed by the region it was directed. It can create tropical depressions and thunderstorms.

The said doctor was one of the founders of HAARP or  High FrequencyActive Auroral Research Program. According to conspiracy theorists, Eastlund and NASA planned to use this technology for weather modification and cause interference to communication.

Disney’s Alleged Sorcery Propaganda

ImageIn 2004, Disney released a published document originally made in Italy, for preadult girls entitled W.I.T.C.H, which built up the girls’ interest in spell-casting and witchcraft. Moreover, this type of business venture added to the pre-existing criticisms for Disney being antagonistic in promoting family values.

 The books were about five girls at the age of 13 to 14 years old, but were considered to be mystical than an average teenager. Additionally, the name W.I.T.C.H is an acronym composed of the first letters of its 5 members, who were “ordinary friends with an extraordinary secret.”They were the following: Cornelia controlled the earth, Taranee over fire, Hay Lin for air, Irma took charge of the elemental water and Will, the leader of W.I.T.C.H, who animated machineries and as well as giving them human like signature personalities.

Since W.I.T.C.H was first launched in 2001, the printed merchandise received an overwhelming response, stated by Robert Iger, President and COO of the Walt Disney Company. Furthermore, the series, which is composed of 9 installments, was dubbed as the “fastest growing girls’ comic magazine”, published in monthly intervals in over 64 outlets and translated in over 27 languages.

A site,, claimed that these books will eventually lead to the occult practices for some adolescents, because Lucifer only wanted a person’s life to be surrounded with things that can divert one’s attention to fulfill God’s works. Moreover, he fills the world with dreams and illusions that can only deceive humanity.

On the Disney W.I.T.C.H site, each of the five leading characters has a specific page with detailed information about them. Among others, the website also contains astrological signs corresponding to a person’s birth sign.

Ultimately, Disney garnered 50 fan sites in response to the W.I.T.C.H craze and consumer-products were tailored to fit the tweens demanding for more W.I.T.C.H.

Forever 27


ImageThe Forever 27 or 27 Club is a cognomen associated to influential musicians, who passed away at the age of 27 years old. Even though there were a lot of artists in the above-mentioned group, the most famous were Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison. Most of the affiliates were “induced” to have a disturbed persona, which caused their untimely death surrounded by conundrum. Moreover, such casualties led to unexplained and odd scenarios. There were no autopsies, exact causes of death and ambiguous police documentations seem to make a cycle of events in these big-shot cases. This caused people to speculate and come up with alternative explanations involving homicide.

Apparently, Amy Winehouse, named as Brit Award’s 2007 Best Female British Artist was a new addition to the list in July 23, 2011.  Though one might altercate that she had a distinct music style as compared to Hendrix’s and the others’ iconic and rebellious sound, Winehouse exhibited an affinity to them: abundant alcohol and narcotic usage, trauma in relationships, a chance for depression and lastly, a Gordian knot coupled with a series of ignored questions.

Strangely, a grisly account happened on a Friday, a day before Amy died. One of her neighbors heard screaming, howling and drum beats in the Winehouse residence.  The man, who preferred to be unnamed, claimed that he heard the strange noises around 2:00 AM and for him it seemed to be like some weird sexual ritual. Furthermore, Winehouse was a bit low-profile, so when the man heard these atypical cacophonies, he analyzed that it was so conflicting to her personality.

On one hand, it is difficult to trace the real basis for Winehouse’ s death, but her case was not entirely rare. There was an obvious pattern, when we examined the unfortunate deaths of young artists and a missing piece is always present. Furthermore, alleged information of a “Monarch Mind Control” in the person of a “handler” may be present in her entourage which may influence self destructive urges.

Moreover, the press often overstates the artist’s dilemma and represents them as disturbed figures of narcotic obsession. Additionally, when death steps on, people will either become shocked or not-so-surprised, because drugs and alcohol were the usual tools of an artists’ annihilation and the absolute scapegoat to make one say it’s definitely a “wrap”.