About Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries

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Dr. Charles Stanley is a senior pastor, one of the most renowned theologians in the modern times.


Charles Frazier Stanley is the only child of lovely couples – Charles and Rebecca Stanley. He was born in Dry Fork, Virginia on September 25, 1932 during a time of great crisis. Dr. Stanley’s father died nine months after his birth at age 29.

Career and Profession – The Ministry to Preach

The life of Dr. Charles Stanley is a fruitful journey of a man living a glorious purpose. As young as age 14, Charles Stanley earnestly felt the calling to preach. Later in 1957, he earned the Bachelor of Divinity in one of the prestigious seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, the Southwestern Theological Seminary. Thereafter, Charles began his first pastorate in sharing the good news to the community at Fruitland Baptist Church in North Carolina.

After more than a decade of genuine devotion to serve God’s ministry, Dr. Stanley became the sixteenth pastor of the First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1971, Dr. Stanley earned his doctorate degree in Theology at Luther Rice Seminary. He launched the program called “The Chapel Hour” a year after. Few years then, Dr. Stanley’s published “In Touch”.

Highlights and Achievements

It was in 1979 that the In Touch magazine started out as newsletter. Later in 1980, Dr. Charles Stanley began preaching through local stations airing at KVMV-FM 96.9 in McAllen, Texas. Dr. Stanley certainly touched many lives by showing the importance of building a relationship with God. With this, he was inducted in to the National Religious Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame in 1988. His powerful, spiritually guided efforts brought forth the foundation of the international In Touch Ministry. Dr. Stanley gained support from various leaders in the religious sector. He continued to preach and his wisdom reached in different areas in US on his first radio broadcast known as the En Contacto in 1994. Unsurprisingly, the InTouch.org was launched in 1996, an online religious site hitting the waves around the web. His bible teachings have been translated into 107 languages reaching through hills and ditches around the world. Currently, the radio broadcast was aired at about 500 radio stations and televised at 300 stations worldwide.

Personal life

Dr. Charles Stanley’s divorce separation from his wife Anna did not hinder him to continue preaching. The First Baptist’s members in Atlanta tossed him on keeping him as a pastor based on the church bylaws saying that for as long as Dr. Stanley does not remarry, he shall remain eligible to devote his days as a pastor.


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