Chrono- Displacement Disorder: fictional or a brink of possibility?

review_illo,0Audrey Niffenegger’s first novel, The Time Traveller’s Wife, an international bestseller and produced on silver screen focused on Chrono- Displacement Disorder, which is the genetic illness of the future.  Henry DeTamble, the main character was first diagnosed and was thought to become the possible bringer of new species. In one of the occasions, he visits stages of his life that made an impact, such as the decapitation of his mom during while she drives her Ford car.

At times there are two lead Henrys coming from different times. Often there is none at all.

As told both in the movies and in the book, we all have a subjective clock in our heads and a circardian timepiece, which tells us whether it is morning or night.

Scientists cannot imagine how genes could ever make time traveling possible. However, a slightest possible is said to become a reality. Paul Davies, Australian Centre for Astrobiology and the author of How to Build a Time Machine stated that it is possible.


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