Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder may often be linked to above average intelligence and some facts

ImageObsessive-compulsive disorder also known as the secret illness causes people to have obsessions and repetitive behaviors, which are known as compulsions. People with OCD follow routines of behavior. However, it is interesting to note that these people know what their obsessions and compulsions are.

Presently, studies show that causes of OCD are still on a hunt. There are doctors who claim that OCD is a psychological problem caused by events also known as traumatic in the patient’s early childhood stage. School can also be a factor, which can push students to develop complicated rational patterns as perceived among those people with above average intelligence.

On the other hand, some researchers claim that symptoms associated with OCD are caused by abnormalities of serotonin, a chemical in the brain, which is also responsible for its communicative processes.

Also, advanced brain studies showed that people with OCD showed different levels of neural activity than those without the disorder.

Symptoms may include:

Repeated hand washing

Rearranging things rigidly

Unusual counting systems

Obsession with numbers

Continuous worry about specific activities without the use of specific items

For example: Client finds it hard to sleep without a specific blanket

ImageAs of the moment, there is no definite treatment for the disorder. However, professionals often help people to overcome the disease by proper behavioral conditioning and cognitive therapy. Therapists assist the patients by providing them ways on how to address their fears. In behavioral therapy, patients are guided to face the situations that cause their anxiety. Moreover, when it comes to pharmacological treatment, medications for depression and other drugs that can specifically handle abnormal levels of serotonin are prescribed.

Einstein’s ultimate theory


Albert Einstein would like to know God’s thoughts. However, as he lay dying in Princeton Hospital then and there he knew that there are secrets that God cannot share.

Einstein started with the Theory of Everything, which can replace quantum mechanics, an undertaking to extend general relativity and unite forces in the universe.

He hoped that he would have rid physics of the unpredictability in quantum mechanics and show everyone that everything in the world is predictable, which can be explained by mathematics. He would show the world that quantum mechanics is wrong, a three decade project that he continued, until his last breath.

Experts claimed that the Master theory may be considered a flop. However, it is an idea that sparks interest to the great men of physics. As of the moment, many believe that String Theory is the nearest to what we have in the theory of everything.  

Nikola Tesla: getting to know the man who is behind it all


Nikola Tesla, a Serbian- American inventor worked for Thomas Edison in the beginning of his career. He fixed motors and DC generators. However, when he asked Edison for a compensation for all his contribution, Edison laughed and said,” Tesla, you don’t understand our American humor.”

Tesla went to work on his alternating current electrical system and disappointed Edison, who was promoting on his direct electrical system. Comparing both, the former had system  only require thinner wires and could transmit electricity in far places. The latter need a power plant in every square mile and could only transport electricity in nearby places.

Families near Edison’s laboratory noticed that their pets were missing. This was because Edison paid schoolboys 25 cents a head for live dogs and cats. He then electrocuted these animals using Tesla’s alternating current, so that it can make it seem to people that the latter’s invention is not suitable for home use.

Marconi, the Nobel Prize winner for his invention of the radio simply based his work on Tesla’s inventions.  As stated by Tesla, he said “Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using seventeen of my patents.”

On the lighter side of things, let’s talk about Tesla’s love life. Well, this guy focused his time and energy on innovations for the greater good. He somewhat found love in a hopeless place.  As quoted below:

“I have been feeding pigeons, thousands of them for years.  But there was one pigeon, a beautiful bird, pure white with light gray tips on its wings; that one was different.  It was a female. I would know that pigeon anywhere. No matter, where I was that pigeon would find me, when I wanted here I had only to wish and call her she would come flying to me. She understood me and I understood her.

I loved that pigeon.

Yes, I loved her as a man loves a woman, and she loves me. “

Above all, this guy is an absolute genius. No fuss, just pure science.

Chrono- Displacement Disorder: fictional or a brink of possibility?

review_illo,0Audrey Niffenegger’s first novel, The Time Traveller’s Wife, an international bestseller and produced on silver screen focused on Chrono- Displacement Disorder, which is the genetic illness of the future.  Henry DeTamble, the main character was first diagnosed and was thought to become the possible bringer of new species. In one of the occasions, he visits stages of his life that made an impact, such as the decapitation of his mom during while she drives her Ford car.

At times there are two lead Henrys coming from different times. Often there is none at all.

As told both in the movies and in the book, we all have a subjective clock in our heads and a circardian timepiece, which tells us whether it is morning or night.

Scientists cannot imagine how genes could ever make time traveling possible. However, a slightest possible is said to become a reality. Paul Davies, Australian Centre for Astrobiology and the author of How to Build a Time Machine stated that it is possible.