“Big Foot” in Saskatchewan


A footprint on the snow by the “Bigfoot” in Saskatchewan.

Shaylane Beatty, 20 years old, a non-believer of Sasquatch, thought she saw a bear on the side of the road as she drove to Prince Albert one Saturday. However, when she drove closer, the animal had two legs.

As Beatty drove from Candle Lake Road to catch up with her Christmas shopping, she noticed that at about 300 yards, the creature was walking on the woodlands near Torch Lake.

The furry brown creature is noted to be 8 to 9 feet tall, brawny and with long floppy arms attached to its broad shoulders.

The effect of seeing the brute creature made her swerve and nearly hit a ditch.

ImageShe returned to the area the next day with her two uncles and found hundreds of 50 centimeter foot marks.

These men followed the big foot’s stride, but found it difficult to do so.

Tom Biscardi, who’s been hunting Sasquatches for three decades and runs www.searchingforbigfoot.com, said that it is certainly the find of the century.

Beatty’s uncles also sent Biscardi some hair sample for analysis.

Idaho State University anatomy professor and author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, Jeff Meldrum, said three Sasquatch sightings have been recorded in Saskatchewan.

After seeing the pictures taken by Beatty’s uncles, Meldrum said the length of the footprints belonged to those found in North America

He also added that, “Given the quality of the photographs, it’s impossible to render any meaningful analysis”.


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