The Loch ness Monster of the East

P200907291441112358432027 (1)

Two black-colored, unidentified animals were spotted by over 100 tourists in Lake Tianchi on August 19, 2007

In Beijing, China it was reported that local officials had sightings of as many as 20 of the unidentified mysterious creatures in a lake near the North Korean border.


The beast, which is the Eastern version of Scotland’s Nessie was seen on the morning of July 11, swimming in schools through the lake in the Changbai mountains found in the northeastern Jilin province.



Taken by a Chinese researcher for the first time, which shows the monster of Lake Tianchi emerged on July 21, 2005 in daylight.

One of the officials also shared that the monsters appeared five times within the 50-minute time frame. The provincial forestry bureau vice-director Zhang Lufeng also gave accounts that at times there were several of them. He also added that the creatures which are 1.25- 2 miles in distance appeared only as white or black dots. However, the ripples in the water, suggests that the spots are biological creatures.


Going back through time in the year 1903, the local records showed an animal resembling a huge buffalo. This brute instantly gave out a deafening sound as it sprang out of the water ready to attack three people. Fortunately, one of them shot the beast on the belly for six times and then it vanished into the water.


Recently, a sighting of the Lake Tianchi Monster was compared with the head like that of a human, but with huge ball-shaped eyes, bulging mouth and a neck at 1.2 -1.5 meters in length. Moreover, it also had an unwrinkled gray skin and a white ring, which separates its neck and trunk.




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