Animal Cruelty Behind your Favorite Fast Food Chains


Over 99 percent of the chickens whose eggs are used for McDonald’s products in the United States are raised in completely intolerable conditions. The issue is common among McDonald’s suppliers, who often run factory farms that are overcrowded, unkept, and unsanitary.

At the McDonald’s suppliers, chickens’ beaks are burned off without any type of anesthesia or painkillers, then stuffed into cages, called “battery cages” so tightly that they cannot move. Dead chickens are not removed and simply rot in the cage. Because they cannot walk around, the chickens’ muscles and bones begin to weaken and decay. They weaken to such an extent that they become paralyzed and die from starvation and dehydration. Beyond physical degradation, the chickens at McDonald’s factory farms also suffer mental instability or insanity under the harsh conditions despite being born as a relatively intelligent species.

McDonald’s in Europe has put forth efforts to get rid of cruel factory farms, and Burger King—McDonald’s competitor—has plans to eradicate the system as well. However, McDonald’s in the United States has continued to order from suppliers who engage in these cruel practices.


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