Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System















So far, we have discovered that over 5,000 years of antiquated puzzle religions have sifted themselves into Illuminized Freemasonry by the mid to late 1700’s. We have discovered that each major war for as far back as 200 years has been controlled through the Hegelian Dialectic to furnish more control to the Illuminati. We have likewise discovered that Israel was an illuminati creation. Yet where are we going from here? What does the Bible say about this? Also what would it be advisable for us to do about it?

The Book of Revelation is loaded with a great deal of symbolism, much of which could be confounding to the individuals who haven’t contemplated it altogether. This symbolism is an essential apparatus, utilized by somebody almost 2,000 years prior attempting to portray the intricacy of occasions in our chance. Luckily, the Book of Revelation illustrates a ton of its symbolism. Disclosure section 17 depicts an arrangement of planet government where a lady rides a mammoth with seven heads and ten horns. Clearly, the planet will be isolated up at some fate focus into 10 kingdoms. The verifiably shocking part is that this division is occurring now. In September 1973, the Club of Rome issued a report entitled Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System. It proposed partitioning the planet into ten kingdoms. Yes, it really utilized the expression 10 kingdoms. While the verges of these 10 kingdoms are liable to transform, it is their recommendation that is the focus. Since that proposal in 1973, the planet is continuously separated into ten Kingdoms. It began with the European Union. It is proceeding with the African Union. It is currently here with the North American Union, or NAU. Our chose political pioneers in North America preclude the presence from securing the NAU, calling it a paranoid idea. They do so while the Queen’s illustrative in my region of Manitoba lays out its infrastructure.


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