Novus Ordo Seclorum: Babylonian America


A great deal of individuals are pondering about what’s to come for America. Numerous people of Bible prediction are starting to reevaluate the conceivable character of the lady who rides the monster of an one planet government framework. Disclosure 17:1 discusses the discipline of an extraordinary prostitute who sits on numerous waters. Disclosure 17:15 clarifies the symbolism of the waters to mean numerous individuals, multitudes, countries and dialects. In Revelation 17:18, the lady or whore is plainly characterized as “the incredible city that manages over the lords of the earth”. In this way, the prostitute of Babylon is a prevailing, multicultural city. New York is a prevailing, multicultural city. New York is likewise home to the United Nations, the debut association of planet government. Disclosure 18:17 depicts the lady being expended by fiery breakout in one hour. Disclosure 18:11-13 records the numerous things that you can get from this city. They say you can get whatever you need in New York. Take a gander at the last two things in this record, which are slaves or the forms and souls of men. This verse is amazingly precise. The United States was permitted to turn into the planet’s grandest borrower country whenit came to be bankrupt in 1933, finally on top of all different countries, on the grounds that your conception testament is a bond. You are vowed as insurance on the obligation of your country. You are exchanged as a human asset on the stock trades of the planet, particularly in New York, the home to the planet’s biggest stock trade. At the passageway to New York stands the whore who sits on numerous waters, holding a resplendent measure in her grasp. The whore has seven heads, or seven flashes of start emanating from her crown. The whore is none other than Queen Semiramis, the aged Queen of Babylon. At the base of the Statue of Liberty is a plaque. It states that the statue is a blessing from the Freemasons of France to the Freemasons of America. Disclosure 18:15 discusses the dealers of the planet who picked up their fortune from her, standing stunned at her pulverization. Disclosure 18:17 portrays the lady being depleted by fiery breakout in one hour. Whether the Biblical depiction of Babylon applies to New York today or Iraq tomorrow is a debatable issue. The focus is that since New York fits the Babylonian model, or indication of things to come, we might as well want that New York might as well endure the same destiny as Babylon.

In the event that my understanding of Babylon and its annihilation is right, then there should be indications of mystery social orders in America getting ready for its obliteration. Maybe the most fantastic indication of America’s pending decimation is on the once again of the US one dollar greenback. You have been let that know the fowl on the right is a hawk. That is not what Manly P. Corridor saw it as. He realized that it was a phoenix, the aged legendary fowl of searing resurrection. The phoenix is utilized to portray how old frameworks of force are deliberately wrecked to process new frameworks of force. The arrangement of force that is, no doubt based is portrayed on the left half of the once again of the US one dollar bank note. You have been let that know the Latin phrase “Novus Ordo Seclorum” implies another request of the ages”. Provided that you comprehended what the Roman artist Virgil implied when he composed what this expression is dependent upon, you might realize that it implies the same thing as Daniel 2:43. Until further notice, it implies God hath supported our endeavors; new request mainstream, or new planet request. The mysterious motivation behind America is to introduce the New World Order on the once again of what has all the earmarks of being a trusted vote based system. This reason for existing is hidden in plain sight.


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