Mechanics of Events in the 9/11 Tragedy

Not all facts about the timeline of 9/11 have sense. Many of these facts are skeptical and hard to believe. Based on the gathered information, some of the events about the terrorism in the cities of United States are tricky for public to support the war against another state.

On the 11th of September, 2001, one of the richest men, Warren Buffett, sets an event for charitable works in Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. A group of business leaders attended the said event. On the same day, President Bush flies to the same base wherein the center of the underground command is there. The experts in recovering extracted data from thirty-two WTC, drives to reveal surge in different financial transactions. The illegal fund transfer of over hundred million dollars made thru computer systems in WTC before and during the 9/11 disaster. According to the US government, the National Reconnaissance Office set all the activities at nine o’clock in the morning. There are war games in progress at the time of attacks. The whole continent of United States defends by fourteen military jets and seven air bases.

In the hijacking event, the on-duty coordinator of FAA hijack at the headquarters of Washington asks the military to supply aircrafts as escorts. The FAA advises the National Military Command Center for immediate response in sending escort aircrafts. The escort aircrafts of the North American Aerospace Defence Command usually takes the action. This time, the National Military Command Center does the aircrafts escorting. The NORAD begins its work in mixing up the jet fighters whenever there are difficulties in the sky like what happened in June, 2001 and September, 2000.

When the controllers of the air traffic suspected the hijacking of Flight 11, they immediately notify the NORAD. The Flight 11 crashed to the World Trade Center approximately twenty-six minutes after the lost contact of controllers. While President Bush is outside the classroom and reading with the children, he saw the second airplane when crashing and hitting the tower. Unfortunately, the first crash has no capture by any live coverage. Two Flight 15s take off after Flight 175 from Otis Air Force Base. The Flight 15 can fly up to 2.5 times of the sound speed and designs for precision attacks. The FAA contacts the Pentagon when the two hijackings in Boston happen. This is an evidence of the lost Flight 77 and Flight 93 but NORAD doesn’t notify about it. After the crash of the Flight 77, the World Trade Center’s South Tower collapses. The question is, if the Air Force sends planes after the hijacking of the aircrafts. The Air Force neither admits nor denies anything about it. They say that they have on duty fighters with Air National Guard along the coastline of the nation and ready for the inspection of the unknown aircrafts that entering the airspace of the United States.


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