Gulf War


Gulf War happened when Iraq invaded and occupied Kuwait on August 2, 1990. Within a few days, the Western politicians arranged to attack the leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.  On 8th of August, 1990, President George Bush Sr. deployed the two hundred fifty thousand of US troops to inhibit the aggression of Iraqis against Saudi Arabia. Bush announced his principled goals which are to fight against the puppet regime that established from the outside and to resist aggression.  He assured that the United States desired peace for the world.

The United States took the most strategic role in the Gulf War. The power projection capabilities and military forces of the United States obstructed Iraq and Iran. The United States also prevented these states in achieving regional dominion and threatening the Southern Gulf neighbors.  The United States also took critical role of balancing in the Southern Gulf and compensated in lacking of cooperation between the states of the Gulf and their rivalries. This role affected the supplies of world energy.

Before all these things happened, Saddam Hussein was used to be Washington’s friend. The Unites States supported Iraq to reach extreme limits. United States provided Iraq of million dollars worth of helicopters and planes and credits in agriculture. The United States also fed and taught intelligence data from its planes’ surveillance to the high command of Iraq. The United States also led the biggest assembly from Vietnam War to Gulf War. United States business established a “Saddam lobby” to push the ties with Iraq. The Business Forum of the United States formed in 1982 to deflect the Iraqi’s condemnations. All of the charges of the officials of the Unite States hurled against Saddam about his attacks to his people. Saddam was a brutal dictator because he used chemical weapons against Iranians and Kurds. According to  history, he had built some mass destruction weapons during the 1980’s.


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