Trilateral Commission: A Three Horned Devil

The Trilateral Commission leaped from the members of Bilderberg group when one of the principal members, David Rockefeller, encountered conflicts with his fellow members of the group about including Japan in the group. David Rockefeller attracted Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski, the writer of the 1970 book entitled “Between Two Ages”, to be the co-founder of Trilateral Commission in 1973. Brzezinski became the mastermind of the blunders of national security and foreign affairs of Jimmy Carter, although he looked like a guru of policy of the current liberal media. David Rockefeller set up and funded the New York based Trilateral Commission with Zbigniew Brzezinski as the intellectual architecture of the Commission.

The “Trilateral” word means of “three-sided” which refers to North America, Japan and Europe. These countries have many things in common like their wealth, which came from the industrial production. Their agriculture are also industrialized, that the farmers of the said countries use large numbers of machineries. This industrialized wealth of the countries is the product of their advanced technology. The majority of the new registered patents exchanged among the five countries, namely West Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, France and United States. In year of 1982, these countries represented the eighty-five percent of the ten thousand patents registered all over the world.

Trilateral Commission was founded to evolve into the international CFR type. Its goal is to coordinate the free world with the states of the advanced communists to constitute the world government. The members of the Trilateral Commission were conducive to create the European Union. This union is a prototype of worldwide governance which will exert the influence to rebuild the world relationships. In 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected as the President of the Trilateral Commission. He was one of the critics of the Carter administration. He investigated the Trilateral Commission and never allowed George Bush Sr. to take a position in his government because Bush was a member of CFR and a Trilateral.


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