To Rain or Not To Rain

Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and even heavy rains or drought has been experienced everywhere in the world. We might all remember hurricane Katrina, in the US, that left that part of America devastated. Everyone has argued that the event was due to “climate change” that the world needs to do something to prevent the “holes” in the ozone layer to become bigger and create more catastrophic events in the future.

America, as one of the leading countries in the world, has offered to make a move. Some think it was heroic, others think it was all an act- for they were the ones responsible for creating a hole in the atmosphere in the first place.

Ever seen an action film that has a terrorist plotting for world domination by controlling the weather? Well, this is not a fiction anymore, for there are now facts and projects that might prove correct to this idea.

After NASA has been founded, several projects like Project Argus and Project Starfish, were designed to test Earth’s ionosphere. These were steps that took time in setting the “weather modification Technology” in place. The former was done on1958 in between the month of August and September. It aimed to test the Van Allen Belt and how it could affect radio transmission. But in truth, Project Argus had created a new belt of “telecommunication shield”, injecting a lot of electrons into the ionosphere that was felt worldwide. The later, however, was much bolder. It has tested a stronger nuclear bomb that left the lower Van Allen Belt  locally destroyed, and in a higher state of electron flux. It was said that it would take years before the Van Allen Belt return to its original state.

How would these encompass the Weather Modification Technology (WTO)?

Dr.Bernard Eastlund had created a pattern and a device that can alter the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere by charging up its electron frequency. If this apparatus, that releases concentrated microwave energy, is directed to the Van Allen Belt, then the molecules gets excited and this can be absorbed by the region it was directed. It can create tropical depressions and thunderstorms.

The said doctor was one of the founders of HAARP or  High FrequencyActive Auroral Research Program. According to conspiracy theorists, Eastlund and NASA planned to use this technology for weather modification and cause interference to communication.


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