The Nine Elites

The power elite of the world, referred to as the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati, Council of 300, etc  meet in secret every year to decide the direction of the planet’s economics war and how to raise taxes and devalue all currencies through inflation.

Bilderberg group will be having their 61st Bilderberg Conference on the beginning of June of 2013 in United Kingdom. This is an assembly of different people that are having yearly conferences to cultivate dialogue between North America and Europe. It was then established in the year of 1954. This group ranges to a hundred twenty to a hundred fifty people, consisting of different political leaders and experts from different fields such as finance, industry, academic, and media. Two thirds of its’ members hails from Europe and one third from North America. They gather for an informal confidential forum to talk about megatrends and other major issues concerning their society and the world. Everyone takes time to listen, gather information and reflect. There is no complete agenda, proposed resolutions, taking of votes or issuance of policies. The Steering Committee manages the Bilderberg group. They also delegate a Chairman. The members of the group are elected the Chairman for four-year term and can be possibly re-elected again. The major responsibilities of the Chairman are to preside over the Steering Committee and help the committee in preparing the conference program and selecting the participants. He also suggests the committee about its composition. The Chairman has his Executive Secretary who reports to him regularly. The expenses in maintain the Secretariat of the Bilderberg conferences are subscribe by some private organizations. The annual hospitality cost is the Steering Committee member’s responsibility who is assigned for the host country.

Based on history, Bilderberg takes the name from one hotel in Holland where the first meeting took place. The said pioneer meeting raise the concern of the primary citizens about the problem between Atlantic in Western Europe and North America. From then on, it helps to create better perceptive of the major trends and complex forces that affects Western countries in the period of post-war. The Cold War is ended. But practically, there are other more problems that are encountering like policy in monetary to investment, do business to jobs, ecological challenges to international security, and others. There is no major issue that either North America or Europe does independent solution without affecting the other. Hence, the European-American concept forum has not been left behind by time. The dialogue between them is still active and even growing to be more critical.


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