A Club To Ruin The World

According to history, in 1968 a group of individuals from different countries formed an organization they called “The Club of Rome”. These people are business leaders, economists, scientists, national leaders or diplomats, and some came from the civil society. They are the so called “global think tank” who thinks about the problems of humanity and nature, investigates its causes, and provides solutions to what they refer to as “problematique”. They aim to provide and notify the private and public sector information about these problems.

The Club of Rome uses reports to let others know what they have done. As of the present, there had been 33 existing reports that concerns humankind. The first report, “Limits to Growth”, was published in 1972, which tackles the problem of overpopulation. A second research was reported entitled “Global 2000 Report” in the year 1980.This was an attempt to predict the progress of economic growth and the natural resources that it would use for another two decades. It says that the worlds’ economic growth will not prosper because of its’ limited natural resources, a perfect example of it is oil.

Another report entitled “Global Future: A Time to Act” discusses a plan on how to control overpopulation. Its highlight was using contraceptives, sterilization and abortion to manage world population. This was followed by “Global 2000: Blueprint for Genocide”, which deals of getting rid of the “useless eaters.” Lastly, “Mankind at the Turning Point”, pointed out that human intervention is one big factor affects the environment.

On the other hand, The Club of Rome was said to have a different plan. This is to divide the entire world to ten kingdoms, which will recognize one form of government. An association was formed to gradually weaken the United States. One is through wars in the Middle East, Korea and Vietnam. It aims the removal of any leader who comes in the way of the attainment of their goals. One good example is the elimination of General ul Haq. The plan did not take into consideration that the General is traveling with the US Officials.

During the eighties, The Club of Rome has contributed considerably in the sustainability and interdependence of the environment and economics. In this year, the organization has expanded its works to education, welfare and environment. Individuals who are interested to follow the plans in the national level were also welcomed in this period.

 In the beginning of the 21st century, The Club of Rome proved to be correct in predicting that the economic growth will not continue due to Earth’s’ limited natural resources. The Club has continued to grow and expand in the national level, as well as developing new strategies of approach to a modern problem and solution. They even updated their missions to cope up with the new generation, and involving the general public to the plan, but the urge to put it in such action is as strong as ever.


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