Illuminati: The Secret Workers Behind Cold War

The Illuminati and Cold War– somehow, both are connected with each other. In history, the cold war were between two great opposing countries- America and the previous Soviet Union. They have been in battle during the 1940’s but not with the use of machineries and soldiers, but thru other countries who fought with each other. Is it not obvious how America and Soviet Union, whom were allies during World War II, were now at war with each other?

The communist Soviet believed that only the government should control the economy and its people. This was opposed by the democratic America, whom believed that industries should be owned privately and the government should serve its people. As, their differences deepened, so was their plan to defeat each other.  Their competition became bigger and nastier. They made atomic bombs, and then rockets and then started the cold war.  Both countries assumed that each can outwit the other, but they were wrong. All of it was designed already- by a secret group of industrialists called the Illuminati.


Illuminati’s members have kept a low profile and were scattered across the globe. They were powerful bankers, businessmen, and even politicians. Their goal was to conquer the world and destroy it. How to do it? By lending money to bigger countries that needed it, and controlling every country’s economy. Anything or anyone who tend to oppose them must be obliterated. That was the reason why the Illuminati have tipped over America. Only the Soviet Russia and China were their biggest threat, and they knew that communism has a big flaw and the Soviet would not win.

 The sect has been founded since the nineteenth century, and clearly, they were the ones who funded America during the Cold War years. This “five trillion national debt” was owed by America to international bankers who were Illuminati members. The workings of Illuminati were always in secret- they were all there, behind every picture the world has remembered. And as the Berlin Wall was torn down, the Illuminati gained more power, shifting the world from a bipolar to a monopolar power- which was the Illuminati.


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