9/11: Motives


For a circa of 40 years, the supersecret document Operation Northwoods, a report produced for a set of presentations by the United Sates’ Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962, remained confidential. It intended to create a pretense for an armed conflict in Cuba. Thus, such blitzes would then be used to acquire public and political backing, necessary for military interference. Moreover, the specifics are daunting, for articles inside the US military base would be blighted and burned. The record summarizes an intricate scheme for a fabricated attack on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, which was to sink the ship near the harbor using naphthalene induced flame and smoke. Moreover, bogus burial services can also be conducted.  Next, an aircraft of Eglin Air Force Base would be painted, redesigned and numbered identical to a civil registered aircraft boarded with chosen passengers, all loaded with carefully selected aliases.  Afterwards, the actual registered flying machine will be converted into a drone.

Furthermore, Uncle Sam’s army projected to attack the US in 1962 using remote controlled aerial machines to make an excuse in invading Cuba. Going back to 9/11, the pilot compartment of American Airlines Flight 77 Boeing 757-223 was never opened, there was a possibility that “They” were able to think about that plan in 2001.

Initially, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) is a public policy think tank, which was created in the year 1997 by William Kristol and Robert Kagan. Likewise, a few of its members are the all-powerful people in the Land of the Free.

Concurrently in September 2000, a study released by PNAC entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses Strategy: Forces and Resources for a New Century; the group was able to highlight transforming U.S. forces to take advantage of its leadership in global military affairs. In this part, it was able to cite proposed usage of advanced armed conflict such as nuclear weapons from an avenue of intimidation to a political instrument. In addition, PNAC’s paper work also noted that agitation could rise from American allies, in which they would be able to witness cataclysmal happenings like in the occurrence in Pearl Harbor. Meanwhile, War on Terror’s ground zero is to make abundant revenue and advance to the subsequent pandemic strife.

At the same time, the Taliban discovered American weaponry. Certain rebels are being held in custody, but several of them turn out to be MI5 agents. Unfortunately, an approximate of 30,000 US paratroopers are used to battle 100 alleged US trained “Al Qaeda” mercenaries and to add in such adversity, abounding Afghan opiates are on a steady rise. Apparently, deception prevails and soldiers are handed out with finances to maintain the silence. Lastly, these can of worms suggest that an armistice is far- fetched, for the Illuminati wants more hostility.



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