Political Zionism and the Creation of Israel

Judaism Rejects Zionism

The Rothschilds has a tool named Zionism Politics. It has a clear expression of the aspiration in creating the country of Israel before the World War II. The 1917 version of Balfour Declaration has made the proper documentation of this Zionism Politics. Through Arthur James Balfour, the British Foreign Office declared the His Majesty’s will in establishing the Palestine as Jewish mother country. Lord Rothschilds headed the executive policy that had given to the Great Britain’s World Zionist Federation before creating the country of Israel for over thirty years. As the crown of British Freemasonic, James Balfour had given several awards for various rendered services and different titles for Masonic royals.

The Zionism Politics magnified and used any opposition movements of Nazi’s Semitism in creating Israel. From the moment that Hitler obtained the power in the year of 1933, the goods of the Germans boycotted by many Jews in all over the world. The Zionists bargained the secret arrangement with the devil in Palestine. The Zionists will halt the Jewish-led Nazi’s opposition. This worldwide boycott threatened the first year of the regime of Hitler in exchange for the move of one hundred million-dollar and sixty thousand Jews into Palestine. During the twenty-five years of the dictatorship of Mao Zedong, more than forty million of Chinese people died. And yet, most probably what people know about the issue are only the six million Jews involved. If people ask about the Holocaust’s purpose and scope, they will tag as the Holocaust denier. The Jews’ Holocaust grounded hooked on the consciousness of the public by the Zionists. These Zionists raised and used the horror in justifying their political goals. Based on the hexagram of Rothschild, the dream of Theodor Herzl grasped when his proposed flag flew in and over Israel in May of 1948.


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