World War II and Hitler


Adolph Hitler was the ticket to “save” Germany from the Treaty of Versailles. However, he was used as a means for a false flag attack in order to take control of the Reichstag, a German parliament in 1933. Moreover, Hitler and his team were able to come up with a con named Marinus van der Lubbe,  a mentally ill randomly chosen man from the streets, who was made as an actor to participate in a make believe trial due to the accusation of setting fire to the parliament.  However, Hitler the “deliverer” of Germany instructed his followers to start a blaze in the legislature.

Apparently, Hitler’s Nazi war machines never ran out of petroleum, because of Rockefeller’s New Jersey Standard Oil which became a source for the German fuel.  In this we can say, that the engineered war vehicles were built and financed by the tycoons of Wall Street, which took advantage of the Treaty of Versailles in order to place Germany in the state of bankruptcy. Moreover, after 5 years, the Dawes blueprint, paved the way for an American and German linkage in corporations and finance.

Seemingly, Prescott Bush was one of the Nazi machine financers, a father and grandfather to two US Presidents in the Bush family. Furthermore, US National Archival documents revealed that the former was the administrator of the Union Bank Corporation, one of the financial firms utilized by Fritz Thyssen to deliver assets from America to Germany. Moreover, Prescott’s profits in the Union Banking Corporation were confiscated under the 1942 Enemy Act. To boot, the Bush family were able to benefit from offering a loan to an enemy responsible to destroy 400,000 American soldiers.

The beliefs of the Communists and Nazis were made to contradict by the Illuminati patrons in a logical struggle. Additionally, philosophies were defective and are employed to produce the same effect. Moreover, the Illuminists chose to throw out the Nazis in order to conserve Communism. Then, Hitler began to print money, just like the Federal Reserve.

Uncle Sam entered World War II based on the Pearl Harbor aggression, which was allowed to transpire. The Japanese war plan was intercepted and sent to President Roosevelt, but he chose not to disseminate the information to Pearl Harbor. With this in mind, the US had a perfect excuse to attack the German forces, despite the fact that Germany never charged America.

The Japanese government, were ready to cease fire in February 1945. However, two nuclear bombs were released in Japan after a day of surrendering to the US forces.

The complexity of World War II was able to achieve numerous plans for the Illuminati money lenders. Revenue was produced by repairing Japan and providing jobs to its citizens, thus allowed an influx of cut-rate goods in the US.

This would expedite the long term goal of bringing down the United States just as the Republic of China is utilized to accomplish the work today.

The socialist government was granted to take over 50% of Europe in order to keep America and the Soviet Union in a new logical struggle, thus paving the way for increased profits. Furthermore, the Second World War led to the creation of the United Nations and the nation of the present-day Israel.

More importantly, World War II was composed of players strongly tied to the occult. First, was Adolf Hitler, who was into black arts and became a member of the mysterious Thule Society. In addition, Hitler cited in his book entitled, Mein Kampf  that  most of  the Nazi party ceremonies were rooted from Freemasonry. Second, Dietrich Eckart, led to the occult ideology of the Nazi philosophy.Third,  Joseph Stalin was a deeply involved Freemason.  Fourth, Franklin Roosevelt, the President of the United States was a 32nd degree Mason. Fifth, Winston Churchill was an affiliate of two Masonic groups.

Lastly, the picture of the 1945 Yalta conference revealed three Freemasons namely: Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.


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