Zionism to World War 1: A Historical Linkage

ImageIn order to understand the 20th century, a careful understanding of World War 1 and political Zionism must be made. Moreover, in 1896 an Austrian Jew authored a book with the title “The Jewish State”, which projected a Jewish state as an answer to anti-semitism. Apparently, the Rothschild House appointed Herzl as president for the Zionist Federation, which advanced political Zionism in Great Britain in 1897.

Moreover, let us focus on Political Zionism, it is a civil movement, which maintains the country of Israel. This description best cites the present situation of the territorial boundary of Israel, since the country is experiencing a constant state of change. Furthermore, Zionism, which is represented by the House of Rothschild is the catalyst for a totalitarian government through Israel following the beliefs of the schismatic Frankist Jews. Therefore, we can say that not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are political Zionists. In addition, the Zionist revolution customarily eats the Jews, likewise with the Nazis feeding off the Germans. Apparently, Zionism is a colossal adversary of the Jews.

To boot, Frankism is the physical foundation of political Zionism, which showed its traces in the Russian Revolution.  Interestingly, Karl Marx was an alias used by Moses Mordecai Levy. Meanwhile, Vladimir Illich Ulyanov concealed himself and changed his name to Vladimir Lenin and Lev Dadvidovich Bronstein hid himself with an alias of Leon Trotsky.

Ultimately, the Rothschilds accomplished to out power the Romanov dynasty through the Frankist Bolshevisks they commanded.




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