Tupac Amaru Shakur: Battle between good and evil


Tupac Amaru Shakur otherwise known as 2Pac was a well-known hiphop legend and American actor. He was one of the most successful rap artists of all time which fascinated today’s generation.

Moreover, 2Pac’s death in the Las Vegas shoot out was able to draft three theories as an explanation for the heinous crime. First, Tupac had a fight with an unnamed young black man while they were leaving the hotel in Vegas. Second, a friend turned arch enemy Notorious B.I.G. was said to arrange the said manslaughter. Third, Tupac’s alleged association to a secret organization in the early years of his career haunted him down as he exposed their existence through his music specifically in his album entitled Makaveli: The Don Killuminati or which simply means Kill the Illuminati. Moreover, as outspoken as he was the man was heard forecasting about his death through his rap songs. Thus, one can say that the Illuminati maybe a strong suspect to this unsolved case.

On the contrary, 2Pac’s latter life revolved in proclaiming his adoration for God, through his lyrics an example of which is in his song “Only God Can Judge Me”.

Today, people are eager to study more about 2Pac’s life and even came up with short courses to study it. The University of Washington was the first institution to relate Shakur’s works to as something literary. Furthermore, top academes such as Harvard and the University of California were able to tailor fit their curriculum to accommodate classes centering on Shakur. Moreover, in 2003, Harvard financed a symposium entitled  “All Eyez on Me: Tupac Shakur and the Search for the Modern Folk Hero.” Following after that a series of academic research and discourse were able to feature seeing Shakur in schools like the State University of New York, Northeastern, and the University of Pennsylvania.


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