The World War 1

ImageThe European and American money-lenders made a solution to fuel the developing trepidation between Europe, America and Germany.  This was for the fight of a stabilized fiscal and cultural establishment in the European continent.  Moreover, majority of the people knew that the turning point of World War 1 was the napalming of the passenger vessel Lusitania in May 7, 1915. However, the hoi polloi don’t have an idea that the Lusitania operations were blueprinted to provoke World War 1.

In December 1914, the British forces were able to decipher the German military plot wherein Officer Winston Churchill, knew the location of every noncivil submarine in the English Channel. Meanwhile, the RMS Lusitania, owned by Cunard Line slowed down to wait for its military protection in the European waters.  Moreover, Admiral Churchill gave orders to the escort to return to its port of origin and left the passenger vessel sailing through a war zone. An evidence of a private message from the Admiral takes away ambiguity that the British armed forces intended to sacrifice RMS Lusitania and its approximate number of 1,200 civilian passengers in order to wage war with the German defense forces.

Apparently, the German armed services believed that the RMS Lusitania was carrying firearms from its allied country, the US in order to be used in Great Britain as a defense.   For almost a century, this claim was proven factual. However, a CFR and Rothschild influenced English speaking propaganda published that the Germans bombarded a weaponless passenger vessel.

Furthermore, this brainwashing act ignored that the government of Germany was able to heed warnings in New York newspapers informing civilians and military personnel that the ship would cruise in the seat of war.

Meanwhile, the key players in funding the World War 1 were the Warburg brothers, Paul and Max. Paul’s company Kuhn, Loeb and Co. financed the American Army whereas Max’s firm MM. Warburg was in charge of the German forces.

The House of the Red Shield was unable to seize Russia’s financial reserves not until World War 1 when an association between the American and European bankers was settled. From then on Revolutions in Russia were funded by these tycoons started by Jacob Schiff, who spent $20,000,000 in gold through Leon Trotsky, who was “exiled” in New York City.

Apparently, when a ship with men and conflict paraphernalia in the port of Halifax were taken into custody by Canadian authorities, US President Wilson was able to mandate their release. Meanwhile, Lenin was exiled in Switzerland and he made a pact to make peace with Germany if he was able to abolish Russia’s provisional government. The man was placed in a railroad car with $5,000,000 worth of German gold and was sent to Russia to start his mission. In November 1917, during the Election Day, Lenin’s communist group garnered only a mere 24% of the total votes, thus Lenin used force in order to gain the post.

Uncle Sam backed up the communist revolution by extending astronomical amounts of food and supply for the poverty stricken country of Russia. This paved the way to business magnates like J.D. Rockefeller to rebuild Russia’s groundwork. Moreover, the Land of the Free’s authority was upheld as they assisted the transfer of Russian governance to Stalin.

The war ended according to a carefully crafted plan of the 20th century Illuminati monetary manipulators. Seemingly, they knew that communism goes side by side with capitalism and that the Treaty of Versailles would be nullified by a leader from Germany. As they say, welcome to the never ending cycle of complications, citizenry backlash and forecasted justifications.

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