The American Civil War

ImageThe House of Rothschild used a divide and conquer strategy to terrorize America, thus creating an armed conflict between the North and South of USA. Moreover, the Northern part of America to Canada, a British colony was under Lionel Rothschild and the South, a French community was controlled by James Rothschild.

Apparently, Lincoln’s dilemma was shifted on how he was going to repay the Rothschild Banking Empire. So, Lincoln came up with an excellent solution and that is using “the greenback”. The greenback came in two types of note forms: the United States Note and the Demand Note. With this the United States Government prints their own, currency without having to worry about huge interests.

On the other hand, upon seeing the positive outcome of Lincoln’s actions the Rothschilds were outraged. Then came April 14, 1865, Lincoln was dispatched by John Wilkes Booth, a famous American stage actor and a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle.


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