The 1861 New World Order and Uncle Sam

ImageImageWorld history revealed that Christopher Columbus discovered the United States. On contrary, the Vikings were able to set foot in Uncle Sam 500 years before Columbus’ expedition.  Apparently, while Columbus sailed to the west he was able to envision the New World Order, because his kindred and benefactors were well-connected with Rosicrucianism .  This alliance was seen in the sails of his ships, where it was decorated with the logo of the Knights Templar. Moreover, in 1944 a freemasonic seasoned writer, Manly P. Hall, authored a book entitled, “The Secret Destiny of America”. This revealed that early in history, people knew what will happen in our present world.

Interconnected events were unleashed, prior to Columbus’ time until the present day, that America has always been a perfect country to harness the New World Order blue print. In 1785, the European Illuminati saw a positive result of the American Revolution and through it formed the Columbian Lodge of the Order of the Illuminati in New York City. This is where the assemblage made clandestine plans to make new scripts of armed conflict, resembling France.

Seemingly, numerous American founders believed that mental analysis and investigation of the world is adequate to decide God’s existence. However, they

reject God as an authority figure and as a fundamental aspect of  divine knowledge.

Furthermore, the Land of the Free’s founders was involved in Gnosticism in mild to severe levels. First of which was George Washington, who laid out the street design of Washington D.C., patterned to the Masonic concept.  Second, Thomas Jefferson, rejected the Holy Bible and wrote his own New Testament, wherein he edited and removed vital pages such as the book of Revelation. Third, Benjamin Franklin, rejected Traditional Christianity and was an affiliate of London’s Hellfire Club.

In 1791, Alexander Hamilton, Chief of staff to Washington, deep-rooted the first-ever financial system in the United States with over $10 million dollars on a 20 year treaty, which is in contrast to America’s constitution, wherein he was a major catalyst.  Moreover, when the treaty expired, Nathan Rothschild was disclosed as the primary leader and announced that USA must apply for a renewal or else they will find themselves in a war. Additionally, Rothschild was able to gain his interests , because war broke out between the US and Britain , which led to the chartering of the mentioned private bank. It was a forced decision since Uncle Sam’s debts totaled to $127 million dollars.

On one hand, Andrew Jackson postponed the bank’s operations in 1832 and gave out $35 million dollars excess financial reserves.


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