The Congress of Vienna

ImageAfter the post-Napoleonic war, the Illuminati thought Europe would agree to join an organization after countless times of warfare. Moreover, the previously affluent nations were indebted to the House of Rothschild. From there Switzerland was betwixt and between the conflicts, thus Kingdoms all over the European states kept their financial reserve in Swiss banks. Furthermore, for the past 200 years it was alleged that the delegation made Switzerland a contemporary adaptation of the Knights Templar. At this moment, one has an idea as to why Switzerland was able to maintain its European bank reserves during the first and the second World Wars.

Additionally, Wiener Kongress or The Congress of Vienna resulted in a solid agreement composed of other European powers. However, Russia’s Czar Alexander I disagreed with this, because he saw that the Congress was under the thumb of the Illuminati leadership.   Also, the Rothschilds failed to establish their banking empire in Russia, thus they pledged to put a stop to the Romanov regime.



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