French Revolution


As the members of the Illuminati strewed across Bavaria, they joined existing activist groups, one of which is the Jacobin Club, a colossal group. Moreover, the Society of the Friends of the Constitution also known as the Jacobins received financial help from the Duke of Orleans, in return they used the money to fabricate food shortage in 1789 by acquiring France’s grain supply. However, the Jacobins also made a clandestine plan to put the blame on King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette by formulating a black propaganda on the monarchs. Furthermore, they successfully imprinted to the French hoi polloi the Queen’s alleged sarcastic remark of “let them eat cake”, thus driving the French Revolution. Apparently, the public’s abhorrence to their higher authorities resulted to capital punishment of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette and other influential leaders. As years passed by the French Revolution took away the lives of 18,000 people by beheading without further judicial process. The guillotined heads of the royalty were placed on bayonets and were marched publicly, so that people can witness it on the streets.  Moreover, the Christian calendar also known as the Gregorian or Western calendar was eradicated. In connection with this the program increased its work days up to 10 days consecutively, thus approaching towards the end of the revolution it approximately took the lives of 300,000 people.

Lastly, the Satanic ideals of the Illuminati were completed all for the glory of brotherhood, freedom and equality.


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