The Leverage of Kabalah and Gnosticism in Reticent Societies


A majority of cloak-and-dagger groups sprung from an archaic enigmatic system of beliefs in Babylon, Sumeria and Egypt. These became drivers of an exclusive group controlled by the fat cats where they were worshipped as deities or performed as mediators between men and god. Furthermore, when they possess knowledge in Astronomy, such as darkening the sun, they can control a primeval society’s mentality. Otherwise, once knowledge is shared with common people, their authority will be limited.   Moreover, when a group acquires their foundation from an exclusive elite assembly, then they can be questioned about the validity of such ideas.  Thus, an “occult” operates in a hidden manner.

Today’s focus will be two of the world’s mystical school of thoughts known as Kabalah and Gnosticism. In the olden times, the Israelites’ monotheism made them uncommon to other religious sects, which made them prosperous. However, as they begin to digest foreign teachings and practices from various civilizations, they were slowly trampled upon by these outsiders. Apparently, those belonging within Judaism were enticed with the occult routine of some neighboring cities in which became an instrument for the continuation of backdoor societies to prosper up to the present day. Hence, giving rise to Kabalah a sub-religion and a total antagonist to Judaism. Kabalah argued the prophecies of the Jews and the historical accounts of the Israelites.

Furthermore, the emanation of Christianity during the Roman Era became a huge defeat for the Romans. Thus, instead of annihilating Christianity, they made a decision to merge it with their beliefs.  When Constantine the Great decided to become Christian, the moral abatement of the early church was traced.  Additionally, the Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Eastern creeds were incorporated to Christianity in which it gave rise to Gnosticism.

Likewise, Gnosticism started to question the existence of Christ which made them believe that they will achieve salvation through knowledge, which is in contrary to the belief of Christians that “a salvation through Christ” is a must in order to follow the words of God.

Lastly, in this we can derive that Gnosticism is the fundamental vehicle of the New World Order.


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