Five Ways on how Sitting Affects Your Health

source: findings from a survey of 63,048 middle Australian men from February 2013, revealed how sitting for more than four hours daily can link to serious chronic illnesses for men and even women. Regardless of how much time is spent on exercise and other physical activities and the person’s body mass index and age, the hours spent sitting down no matter of why and how he or she sits contributes greater to linked diseases to be shown below.

1. Colorectal Cancer: A study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology this January 2013 found that being diagnosed with colorectal cancer, before or after, more leisure time spent sitting down will give a higher risk of death. Self reported habits of more than two thousand colorectal cancer patients have been tracked for up to fifteen years after their diagnosis. Twenty eight percent lower chances of dying where to the most physically active than those who exercised less. Six hours or more of leisure hours spent sitting had thirty-six percent higher-risk of dying than those who sat for less than three hours daily.

2. Decrease of Life Expectancy: Life expectancy may decrease or increase by two years if one reduces or remain to do excessive sitting. A July study from BMJ Open found out that reducing time in front of the TV for less than two hours daily will bump life expectancy up by a year and four months. The study revealed that adults do no or irregular physical activity of half of their day.

3. The risk of acquiring Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Back in the year 2009, according to a November Obesity study, lean people spend less time sitting down by two and a half hours than obese people. Sitting down links to Metabolic Syndrome, which is a mixture of factors such as belly obesity, low levels of good cholesterol, high blood pressure and high triglyceride levels/hyperglycemia. Metabolic syndrome then leads to serious risks like heart disease, diabetes and stroke. People who spent more time sitting down and being sedentary were more likely to be at risk of having metabolic syndrome by a whopping seventy-three percent. It has been theorized back in the year 2005 by a group of researchers that reducing watching television or computer work such as gaming and surfing to less than one hour daily outside of the office or work could decrease the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in adults of America by a good thirty to thirty-five percent.

4. Kidney Disease: A self made survey of 6,379 people from last year from forty to seventy years old found that those people who sat less had greater chances of not getting the chronic kidney illness more than people whose body experience a lot of physical activity. Women are shown to have greater effect based on the study. When women decrease their time sitting down to three hours or less, whether at home or at the office, risk is reduced by thirty percent (while the risk of men is reduced by fifteen percent).

5. Weaker Mental Health: Mental health is not immune from the bad effects of sitting down as well. A study made early last year (April 20) from Annals of Behavioral Medicine observed the link of risk between the sedentary lifestyle and its effect on mental health. A office health promotion project in England, Well@Work, analyzed by a survey data from more than 3,000 people. According to the data from the survey of the sitting time 3,000 people outside work (such as watching television, driving, reading a book or being in front the computer monitor) makes a bad impact on their mental health.


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