Rock-n-Roll Oddity: Detrimental or Tolerable?





According to Duane Miller, the modern day, non-Christian centered Rock-n-Roll has conquered the music industry. However, this phenomenon has been my utmost concern for decades as Christians listening to these heavy metal songs experience a battleground in their hearts and imaginations. These two avenues where described by our God as the places where to write His adage, which will make us enlightened. Thus, consciously identifying humanly malevolent acts, this in return can save us from abomination.

According to the Bible in the book of Romans, the old or the carnal man possesses 37 qualities that can contribute to man’s downfall. Furthermore, it is summarized into 6 major groups of unbelievers namely the promiscuous, covetous, pagans, railers, drunkards and freeloaders. Evidently, these features show a human being’s former self. However, our spirit is in constant battle with earthly enticement versus the salvation of our Lord. Moreover, corporeal temptation and Lucifer will always lure us to satisfy lust and eventually diminish our faith.

Evidently, Rock music is in its mainstream from the late 1980s up to the present. Moreover, Korn, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson were uniquely rancorous secular rock artists, depicting such ordeals in their musical lyrics and beat. In addition, their signature resentful musical scores contained stories about lust, sex and distaste for Christianity. Indubitably, music has an empowering effect in us, which therefore raises our emotional vulnerability. So, if such corrupt melodies are aired, people will feel troubled and ill-tempered. In contrast, when calm hymns are heard the listener will directly relate to the said tone and eventually feel inner peace.

Nowadays, majority believe that there is no general standard for what is right and wrong, which is illustrated in the songs of the mentioned Rock-n-Roll groups. Nevertheless, the Lord finds ways to guide us into the righteous path and that is through the confession of faith to Yeshua (Jesus), avoidance of our loathsome tune selections and renunciation of the evil forces through Jesus’ name.


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