Robots: Man’s Fiercest Competitors in the Employment Arena

personal-robot-02-by-franz-steinerAccording to Prison Planet’s J.D. Heyes, globally, entertainment channels, department stores, hotels and other industries are burgeoning employment districts providing jobs to the qualified workforce. However, in the next years to come such phenomena will be obliterated with the advent of robotics, which in turn could have a downward spiraling effect to millions of jobs.

Recently, Rethink Robotics, launched the advanced anthropological cyborg named Baxter. Moreover, this inexpensive and trainable technological novelty, only at $22,000 garnered astounding feedbacks from the manufacturing enterprise. Indubitably, an advantage of this trainable invention is that it can harmoniously work with humans. Nevertheless, this seemingly balanced relationship will serve as a threat to diminish highly priced human labor in the production line arena.
This April, the company launches a software platform allowing Baxter to complete complex work orders, such as picking up clothes and folding it for future inspection and separation of garments into the “good” or “not good” heap.
Scott Eckert, CEO of Rethink is able to disclose that aside from his usual programmed tasks, Baxter can eventually be upgraded using various applications with versions of him pouring coffee, making hamburgers and arranging clothes in racks of different boutiques. Evidently, this will be made doable once the corporation develops a software development kit that will allow third party innovators to contribute in Baxter’s app development.

On the other hand, firms need not to wait for Baxter’s modifications, because Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has already come up with Bakebot, a pastry bionic machine competent to read recipes and assemble cookies for baking in the oven. In addition, Berkely from the University of California can even fold shirts and wash clothes.

Apparently, these bionic astronomical advancements are not as beneficial as we think, because as humans we will unconsciously put our nose to the grindstone once our fierce competitors take over our source of living.  Hereafter, our economy will eventually suffer losses, meaning there is nothing to tax, local and state profits will decline, because these mechanical beings are incapable of generating revenue.



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