Illuminati’s Mind Control Vassals

ImageScientists were amazed of the ability of the Monarch butterfly to pass its knowledge from one generation to the next. And because of its unique ability to do so the Illuminati and the Nazis were able to come up with the Monarch Program or the modern-trauma based total mind control. Furthermore, this agenda sets its goal to create a master race through making the perfect genetic build up by means of dissociation. However, in order for a subject to be included in the said program a tedious selection process must be carried out based on genetics, availability and mental and physical features. First, these European forefathers learned the art of tantra yoga, meditation and other forms of mental detachment. These abilities are then believed to be passed on to their descendants through heredity. Initially, 18 month old babies are already screened by a Grande Mother, if they are suitable candidates to become registered participants in the study. Next, at age 3 they will be presented to the Grande Druid Council concentrating on occult science. In the current system, former Grand Master, Joseph Mengele, incorporated Medical, Psychiatric, Judicial, Government Sectors via the power of the American National Security Act.

On the other hand, an earmark must be made between the echelon Monarch slave and the non-echelon Monarch slave, because both parties are programmed differently. Apparently, hierarchy slaves will be used to program and train hierarchy children. Moreover, the illuminati and other organizations have superfluous individuals that are killed early in life. They are the fifth columns, soldiers, drug couriers and so forth. The superfluous pedophile fathers and pornographic mothers are then blackmailed to turn over their children to the CIA for mind-controlled slavery in which is hidden by the National Security Act. Nevertheless, people, who reached the age of 30 will experience nadir as they will be “thrown from the freedom train”, and killed for having served their purpose.

Evidently, from the circle’s perspective everything that the child undergoes is a plan made for the organization’s survival. For example, if the child is used for a Delta slave then they will be trained for assassination and selected according to strength and aptitude. Meanwhile, a Beta slave or the sex slave is then made to become competent in seduction. During their intense discipline an illuminati subservient undergoes various possible relationships; a two-way amnesia, wherein alters do not know each other, co-presence where alters are bound together through their bodies and the co-conscious, as the name implies alters know what they are thinking about. In an instance, the year 1970 paved the way for the programmers to teach their alters Star Trek codes in order to configure their systems for illuminati training. For numerous reasons, almost all alters are programmed to be fixated, because of the fact that they are dissociated from their memories. Thus, they cannot stimulate themselves to become mature. Subsequently, this type of setting will enable the programmer to manipulate a person’s mind, thus malevolent instructions such as commanding the servile not to leave the circle becomes manageable.


One thought on “Illuminati’s Mind Control Vassals

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I do want to clear up one thing though. As a slave most of us are not programmed to stay within the circle, in fact only the deepest level alters know about the cult. However, we are programmed to believe we are in love with or owe something to people in the cult and cannot stop obsessing about them and report to them even though it makes no logical sense and could even be embarrassing. Also, they use guilt and the manipulation of our life circumstances to ensure we remain dependent on someone in the circle who is easily manipulated. Often times, the person we are programmed to report to does not even realize they are participating in something larger either. That is the nature of how their whole operation works, we don’t know what is going on except at very deep levels and they are underneath too much pain and torment to access them. Only the handlers can call them out and bypass those memories and fragmented parts I imagine. I hope one day I can get down to those parts, but, I have recovered small amounts and it rocks my world everyday. This condition is not understood nor is there any help available in modern American medicine for victims, and reporting the abuse is a sure ticket to the mental hospital for most of us. The pain of realization can be unbearable and most probably choose the bottle or the needle over recovery and I cant say I blame them, although I choose recovery.

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