Lady Gaga an Illuminati Artist

Have you ever wondered how can a person become so popular all over the world in just a short time? Like Lady Gaga, she became an instant superstar  and have more than 8 million following her and listens to her unusual lyrics in her songs. But did you that Lady Gaga became this famous because she’s an Illuminati puppet and she’s using her songs to spread the words of Satan. Illuminati artists or musicians have sold their souls to the devil to get what they want.

Lady Gaga uses her songs and music video in spreading Satanic words. Just like her Pokerface song, a line says “I want to take a ride on your disco Stick” which means penis. People need to wake up and realize that Lady Gaga is a Satan follower and that parents need to warn their children not to listen to any Lady Gaga’s songs.

Lady Gaga also promotes Satan’s words and signs in her music videos.  She also does her trademark sign “Eye in the triangle” which means that the Illuminati owns her and the devil is with her. In her Bad Romance video you can see an inverted pentagram and inverted pentagram that means Satanic.

She also wears Satanic symbols and devil horns which shows that she loves Satan and she wants to look like him.

Lady Gaga in addition always likes to do “one eye of Horus poses”   which means evil eye or Lucifer (king of hell). For some they consider that as a fashion statement or a cool thing to do but the real things is its evil ways. In some of her photos Lady Gaga covers her one eye to honor Lucifer. Sometime she has lighting bolt sign in her one eye which also means Satanic.

Lady  Gaga always shows and promote Satan in all her ways, in her songs, music videos, the way she dress and her actions. Everyone should stop admiring and listening to her because she’s a devil’s follower.


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