Sugar’s way to obesity, diabetes and addiction

Sugar may be the most unhealthy thing you scoop into your daily meals and drinks. The dangerous effects sugar gives your body may be more than just empty calories. Authority Nutrition exposes the main health hazards sugar may be bringing to your body right this very moment.

Some people may be confused by added sugar and natural sugar. Added sugar are the ones you see as white sugar, sweeteners packaged by food manufacturers, and high fructose corn syrup. They may be usually found in pastries such as cakes and cupcakes, sodas, energy drinks and even salad dressings. Majority of added sugar does not contain any nutrition but there is something more harmful than empty calories.

Sugar is half fructose and half glucose. While glucose is needed by the body and metabolizable by it. If the body does not consume glucose from the diet, the body produces it from fat and proteins. Fructose, on the other hand is harmful for the body and not needed in any way. Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver. When the liver receives large amounts of fructose, most of it turns into fat. This process is said to be one of the leading causes of chronic Western diseases.

The fat in the liver is divided, some if it gets transported to other parts of the body but a part still remains in the liver. Over time, the fat build up in the liver may cause Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

While the fat that gets transported out of the liver turns into VLDL particles (Very Low Density Lipoprotein particles) that are high in cholesterol and triglycerides. Consuming a large part of calories as fructose can lead to serious adverse effects on blood markers in as fast as two and a half months.

Another thing sugar does to the body is it can cause Insulin resistance. The function of insulin is to deliver glucose from the bloodstreams to the cells in the body. When a person has too much sugar intake, the cells tend to be more resistant to the insulin’s effect, thus making the pancreas secrete greater amounts of insulin to wash away the glucose from the bloodstream to avoid toxic elevated blood glucose.

Another important function of insulin is that it sends a message to fat cells to take fat from the bloodstream. When the body begins to be resistant to insulin, the beta cells in the pancreas eventually become more tampered then losing the capability to make enough insulin. Type II diabetes then forms. Excess intake of fructose is an easy way to give the body diabetes and obesity, which are being suffered by more than 300 million people around the globe now.

The scary thing about sugar is that it is hard to resist. Sugar is highly addictive. Surprisingly, cocaine has the function as well as of sugar. When the body consumes sugar, it receives the feeling of pleasure, this feeling is made by dopamine. The brain gets hardwired to look for activities that releases dopamine that causes reward-seeking behavior that is similar to the addiction on abused drugs. Sugar, due to its huge effects on the reward system in the brain may lead to typical signs of addiction as well.

The bottom line in this research made is that prevention is always better than cure. Cut down sugar intake, may it be natural or added, in the minimum and take the stepping stone away from weight gain, diabetes and physical and mental addiction to pleasurable things.

Secret Societies Merged: The Mafia and the Illuminati

ImageAfter Weishaupt’s death, Giuseppe Mazzini an Italian loyalist became the leader of the Illuminati in 1834. Moreover, Giuseppe was able to attain a 33rd ranking of a Mason while in school at Genoa University. Furthermore, Mazzini formed a feared group called the MAFIA meaning “Mazzini Autofizza Furti, Incendi, and Avvelengmeni”  in Italian or “Mazzini authorizes thefts, fires, and poisonings” in the English language.  In addition, the 1890’s started the influx of Italian immigrants, which paved the way for the merged practices of the US Illuminati   and Mafia. In connection to the American Civil War, the feud was all about who will gain absolute control of the monetary supply in the US and issues on human labor only became a secondary priority of this warfare.

The Round Table Movement: An Unrevealed Alliance

ImageThe Round Table Groups are one of the most powerful hidden assemblages in the west. Cecil Rhodes, business tycoon and Prime Minister of Cape Colony was not a brainchild of this group; however he assisted to ensure that their operations will run smoothly. In the year 1966, Carrol Quigley, History professor of Georgetown University was able to cite the Round Table Group’s agenda in his authored document entitled “Tragedy and Hope”.  A member of the enigmatic secret society financed Quigley’s work and gave him a means of entry to the Round Table Group’s official records in order to produce an internal written material.

The British Elite, Afghanistan and Opium

The European kingship led by the British monarchy was involved in enigmatic secret practices for centuries through supporting psychic specialists or channellers . Aside from which the British aristocrats were Masonic as traced from the Duke of Kent, a Freemason Grand Master and a cousin to the Queen.  Moreover, an alleged Masonic lodge was even established in the Buckingham Palace, which raised arguments in the British throne.Image

The monarchs were more of German descent, because Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, grandson of Ernest, Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha. Moreover, other families in the royal line like George V replaced his family name to Windsor. Furthermore, Prince Philip of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, changed his surname to Mountbatten. Additionally, the prince’s four sisters married German aristocrats. In addition to this an Illuminati linkage can be traced as Adam Wishaupt, wrote several documents under the funding of Duke Ernest II in which he himself became a member of the occult group in 1783. Today, Wishaupt’s teachings are being widely utilized by the British nobility.

Aside from which, the bluebloods were into an opium conflict with China for the years 1839-1842 and again in 1856-1860. This was started when Great Britain imported opium from India to China.  Furthermore, it was argued that the British East India Company was manned by the British rule and merchants.

In the year 2007, Afghanistan, the world’s leading producer of opium is under a coalition force. In which Ahmad Wali Karzai, sibling of Afghan President Hamid Karzai is secretly in connivance with the exportation of poppies from Afghanistan.  Surprisingly, this man is also included in the USA’s CIA payroll.

The American Civil War

ImageThe House of Rothschild used a divide and conquer strategy to terrorize America, thus creating an armed conflict between the North and South of USA. Moreover, the Northern part of America to Canada, a British colony was under Lionel Rothschild and the South, a French community was controlled by James Rothschild.

Apparently, Lincoln’s dilemma was shifted on how he was going to repay the Rothschild Banking Empire. So, Lincoln came up with an excellent solution and that is using “the greenback”. The greenback came in two types of note forms: the United States Note and the Demand Note. With this the United States Government prints their own, currency without having to worry about huge interests.

On the other hand, upon seeing the positive outcome of Lincoln’s actions the Rothschilds were outraged. Then came April 14, 1865, Lincoln was dispatched by John Wilkes Booth, a famous American stage actor and a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle.

The 1861 New World Order and Uncle Sam

ImageImageWorld history revealed that Christopher Columbus discovered the United States. On contrary, the Vikings were able to set foot in Uncle Sam 500 years before Columbus’ expedition.  Apparently, while Columbus sailed to the west he was able to envision the New World Order, because his kindred and benefactors were well-connected with Rosicrucianism .  This alliance was seen in the sails of his ships, where it was decorated with the logo of the Knights Templar. Moreover, in 1944 a freemasonic seasoned writer, Manly P. Hall, authored a book entitled, “The Secret Destiny of America”. This revealed that early in history, people knew what will happen in our present world.

Interconnected events were unleashed, prior to Columbus’ time until the present day, that America has always been a perfect country to harness the New World Order blue print. In 1785, the European Illuminati saw a positive result of the American Revolution and through it formed the Columbian Lodge of the Order of the Illuminati in New York City. This is where the assemblage made clandestine plans to make new scripts of armed conflict, resembling France.

Seemingly, numerous American founders believed that mental analysis and investigation of the world is adequate to decide God’s existence. However, they

reject God as an authority figure and as a fundamental aspect of  divine knowledge.

Furthermore, the Land of the Free’s founders was involved in Gnosticism in mild to severe levels. First of which was George Washington, who laid out the street design of Washington D.C., patterned to the Masonic concept.  Second, Thomas Jefferson, rejected the Holy Bible and wrote his own New Testament, wherein he edited and removed vital pages such as the book of Revelation. Third, Benjamin Franklin, rejected Traditional Christianity and was an affiliate of London’s Hellfire Club.

In 1791, Alexander Hamilton, Chief of staff to Washington, deep-rooted the first-ever financial system in the United States with over $10 million dollars on a 20 year treaty, which is in contrast to America’s constitution, wherein he was a major catalyst.  Moreover, when the treaty expired, Nathan Rothschild was disclosed as the primary leader and announced that USA must apply for a renewal or else they will find themselves in a war. Additionally, Rothschild was able to gain his interests , because war broke out between the US and Britain , which led to the chartering of the mentioned private bank. It was a forced decision since Uncle Sam’s debts totaled to $127 million dollars.

On one hand, Andrew Jackson postponed the bank’s operations in 1832 and gave out $35 million dollars excess financial reserves.

The Congress of Vienna

ImageAfter the post-Napoleonic war, the Illuminati thought Europe would agree to join an organization after countless times of warfare. Moreover, the previously affluent nations were indebted to the House of Rothschild. From there Switzerland was betwixt and between the conflicts, thus Kingdoms all over the European states kept their financial reserve in Swiss banks. Furthermore, for the past 200 years it was alleged that the delegation made Switzerland a contemporary adaptation of the Knights Templar. At this moment, one has an idea as to why Switzerland was able to maintain its European bank reserves during the first and the second World Wars.

Additionally, Wiener Kongress or The Congress of Vienna resulted in a solid agreement composed of other European powers. However, Russia’s Czar Alexander I disagreed with this, because he saw that the Congress was under the thumb of the Illuminati leadership.   Also, the Rothschilds failed to establish their banking empire in Russia, thus they pledged to put a stop to the Romanov regime.